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Why You Should Be Designing Business Software with the Customer in Mind

Why You Should Be Designing Business Software with the Customer in Mind

In today’s competitive world, companies are employing business software solutions to give them a sustainable competitive edge internally and externally. When using such software for mission-critical functions, it is essential that its design is geared towards the best user experience possible. Far from being marketing heresy, tailoring the design of business software to fit the customer’s needs will have real-world benefits for your enterprise.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Harnessing software design in a way that will make a customer’s experience better inevitably tends to grow brand loyalty. According to, “Every touchpoint of a product is part of its user experience, but at every single one of these touchpoints, there is an opportunity to create a moment that matters. Something that can delight a user or offer them exactly the assistance they need at exactly the right moment.” Take the example of online retailer “A” who uses a mobile app that forces a shopper to go through five steps in their purchase journey before checking out (using a web browser and not within the app). On the other hand, online retailer “B” employs a mobile app that sees the same shopper take three steps in their purchase journey before checking out without having to exit the app.

A shopper who patronizes both online retailers will tend to make repeat purchases through online retailer “B” as it is easier for them. That ease of purchase builds more credibility in the eyes of the customer leading to increased loyalty to the retailer.

Banks are now highly attuned to the fact that success in mobile and online banking partly hinges on excellent user experience. Clients who opt for these services appreciate the ease with which they can manage their transaction no matter where they are. With a well-designed user interface, a client will use the service with ease. With every usage, the client grows to appreciate the bank more, and this builds their loyalty towards it.

Build efficiency in the seemingly little steps in a customer’s journey using well-designed software to put the customer experience first and grow your business.

Customer Empowerment

Running a business is all about solving a customer’s problem and presenting a solution for consideration. Any company that will decide to use software in its operations must keep this aspect in mind. If your business exists to solve a problem the software you use must seek to do the same to boost your activities.

Put the customer experience first and create business software that helps the customer solve their problems immediately and with minimal effort. According to, “User-centered design processes and principles require designers to think long-term. The people who will be using the product and the contexts in which they will use it become front of mind, determining design direction and decisions from the very start of the project all the way through product launch and into ongoing development.” 91% of polled customers say they would use a knowledge base if it could help them solve their problem. Create a dedicated help section to enable users to find answers easily when the need arises.

For customers who might encounter thornier problems, consider including a live assistance feature. A live chat feature built into the business software you plan to use will enable customers to contact a representative if the information in the dedicated help section does not solve their problem. When your customer knows that they can receive real-time help for an escalated problem, it boosts their confidence in your business.

Helping customers resolve their problems through well thought out software design will also help increase your revenue. 78% percent of customers refuse to go through with a purchase due to bad the customer experience they encounter. If you employ business software that provides customers with the tools they need to tackle difficulties they come across, you will reduce the rate your business experiences abandoned transactions. Every customer who receives help and finalizes a purchase will translate into additional revenue for your company.

A business that is capable of addressing a customer’s problem in good time is the one they will prefer above others.

Less Friction in Communication for Better Productivity

As a business owner, you need to shop around for communication software that will put the customer experience first and deliver a smooth workflow to your employees. Design (or employ) software that will reduce clutter around team communication. Centralize all staff communication to avoid your team having to keep track of multiple information streams. Let the design facilitate the staff to interject and ask questions without breaking the flow of information.

Build or look for integration with pre-existing services that team members are using to create a seamless environment for collaboration. Make all content searchable so that anyone can find information relevant to their duties with ease. Crafting software that’s user-friendly will lead to minimal friction during communication. According to, “Custom business applications will simplify your business processes and will ultimately save your employees both time and effort.” Ultimately, your employees will become more productive.

Wrapping Up

Business software has the potential to impact a firm’s bottom line positively. But for an organization to realize such a benefit, it needs to use software that places a premium on being user-friendly. Investing in designing business software that will put the customer experience first will differentiate your organization from the pack.

If you need help figuring out the best business plan that will incorporate these tips in order to take your sales to the next level, check out other helpful articles on our blog!

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