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Why Independent Freight Hauling is Such a Big Business

Why Independent Freight Hauling is Such a Big Business

Consumers want a great deal on goods, no matter if they have to get it from a foreign country, wait a little longer for delivery, or even drive farther to pick it up from a retailer. Then there are all of the “big box” retailers that deliver goods straight to customers’ doors, but they depend on a network of drop shippers, freight companies, and home delivery services. The long story short is that independent freight haulers practically have a corner on the market. If a hauler can meet its deadlines and deliver all freight without damage or theft, it stands a great chance of having more orders than it can keep up with. Next up, learn the ins and outs of the independent freight hauling industry and learn why this business is just becoming bigger.

The Internet is Vast

Around 10 years ago, less than 5 per cent of all shopping was completed online. Today, that number has more than doubled and economists believe that consumers are going to be ordering even more things from the internet as time goes on. And while lots of experts tend to focus on online shopping entailing people who buy clothes and groceries on the internet, consumers are much more likely to buy big ticket items as well. People are having things like cars shipped to their doors after making a purchase from a dealer in a totally different part of the country. Companies going out of business and having liquidation sales might have their office furniture boxed up and put into shipping crates bound for another continent. Indeed, the internet is vast and it has enabled independent freight haulers to do more than just complete business to business orders.

Globalization is Real

Another major point that has to be considered when determining why freight hauling is such a big industry is the fact that everything is measured on a global scale nowadays. Because of things like the internet, insurance, and even online reviews, consumers are much more willing to buy things from overseas. So, while at one time independent freight haulers might have mainly dealt with big businesses looking to bring shipments in from the coast, you now have an ever-growing market that includes home based businesses, entrepreneurs, treasure hunters, and more. With tools like trailer tracking, both independent freight haulers as well as customers can rest assured knowing that the goods are being moved safely and securely, no matter the medium.

Knowing where a shipment is located prior to delivery is one of the most important things that businesses can relay to customers. With the FleetGo Trailer Tracking solution, freight haulers are able to pinpoint where a package is with stunning accuracy, which gives businesses the ability to make guarantees and meet deadlines. You can use the FleetGo Trailer Tracking solution to add real-time accuracy to your menu of services offered.

Customer Satisfaction is Key

When it comes to getting an item delivered, customers really care about just a handful of factors. First, they want the price to be the lowest possible. Sometimes they will take a more expensive delivery option, but only if they can receive the goods faster, with some type of guarantee. Next, customers want to ensure that they are going to get their packages without them being damaged or in any way tampered with. So, as a freight hauler, you have to guarantee that you can satisfy your customers.

Thanks to things like the internet and even trailer tracking software, more freight hauling companies are able to do this. This is part of the reason that many haulers are able to give customers expected delivery dates and times. They can also provide their customers with the contact information of their drivers. Some companies enable customers to go as far as receive text updates, which means that delivery time frames are extremely accurate. All combined, customers are willing to buy different things and have them delivered by freight haulers, as opposed to looking only at local options. This has also helped the industry to expand quickly.

Cutting Corners the Smart Way

There are ways to cut corners and then there are methods that are just guaranteed to give both businesses and consumers a headache. One cost cutting measure is to have a large shipment sent through standard mail, especially if it is being sent from abroad. But when you are dealing with international postal mail, almost anything can happen. It might take over a month for an item to be delivered. Packages can be held up in customs, requiring purchasers to pay high fees to receive packages that they already paid shipping costs on. Even worse, a package can just disappear, leaving the customer bewildered and confused.

At the end of the day, freight hauling is a much better way of getting delicate, sensitive, expensive, and valuable deliveries to their intended targets. With trailer tracking, there is simply no way for a delivery to go missing. Customers also have the benefit of paying similar rates, but with more guarantees. Simply put, freight hauling is often the preferred option by consumers as well as business owners.

The Industry is Only Getting Bigger

People are now doing things like purchasing pre-fabricated tiny houses online and building their own homes. They are purchasing generators online and having them shipped via freight haulers. There are literally thousands of different items that they are buying and selling online, all thanks to the expansion of the independent freight hauling industry. So, the business is getting bigger and prospects are getting better for everyone involved. Because trailers can be monitored and tagged, there is very little risk for anyone. People simply feel safer knowing that one individual independent freight hauler is responsible for moving their orders rather than even the best-known delivery services. There is a lot of assurance in knowing who is making a delivery as well as when it is actually expected to arrive.

This industry is expected to grow even larger as consumers become more comfortable with the idea of making major purchases via the web. As they continue buying cars, furniture sets, and even residential structures on the internet, independent freight haulers will have more orders to complete.

The railroads may be used to ship huge cargo containers from one part of the country to another, but freight haulers are also necessary. Whether deliveries are made in the capital or out in the country, there are a lot of consumers who want large, bulky, or numerous orders delivered straight to their doorsteps. These types of consumers are only expected to increase in the not so distant future. This is why different technologies that help to increase accuracy, as well as safety, are crucial. No matter what type of company is making a delivery, there is always the risk of theft. With freight haulers in particular, trailer tracking is highly invaluable.

So, look at what products can be purchased for the least amount of money and then calculate how much it will cost to have them sent. Sometimes direct shipping via freight hauling is the least expensive option, and other times it is just the most convenient method. Undoubtedly, you or somebody you know is going to want to have something shipped via a freight hauler and will be able to decide what the best way is in the end.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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