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How To Increase Organic Traffic With Content Marketing

How To Increase Organic Traffic With Content Marketing

Your ability to deliver high-quality content to your potential customers is directly connected with the success of you as a business. Relevant content is something that always attracts people because it shows that you have something to say. Sharing knowledge with others for free is a great way to prove you have what it takes to attract an audience. This, in turn, means increased organic traffic within your niche and a successful website.

Have You Ever Heard of Evergreen?

In music, the term refers to songs, usually starting from jazz and early pop music and sometimes folk which remains in the public eye for years or decades, proving its evergreen popularity. This is the exact quality that your content should possess as well – to feel fresh in three years, just as if it was written yesterday.

To achieve this, sometimes it is good to keep out of talking about trends in a certain year or generally about technological development, as those texts usually stop being interesting to people as soon as something newer comes along. The topic needs to keep up with the changes in keyword searches, so if you are aiming for the next big thing, you have to expect to be pretty old news pretty soon, at least when it comes to the volume of search statistics.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

When researching the topics you want to write about, a good way to listen in on the conversation is by following the hot trail of hashtags. They work better on some platforms and worse on others (looking at you, Facebook!), but they do show you the way to what is being talked about. You can also notice how the interests change with the rise and drop of hashtags, similar to keywords.

If you are in the less popular industries, where the topics, keywords, and hashtags still don’t generate significant number of hits, it still matters. As a digital marketing agency from Australia, Salted Stone, remarks, “If your industry doesn’t generate a lot of chatter online, social listening is still an essential part of your digital content marketing toolkit — you just need to be more creative about how you dig.” And they are right. There are, as for anything else, existing tools already on the market as well.

Gather Feedback Directly

If you have the luxury of possessing a large following on social networks, it would be best to see what they think about topics and things you should be talking about. It’s a good way to listen in on your audience, even if you ultimately don’t agree with their choices. After all, focus groups have proven to be slightly off-kilter when it comes to telling you what they really want.

However, this does not mean you can just throw internet surveys away – you just need to choose wisely what info you want to pull from them. Remember that the number of options, as well as the topic in question will affect your audience differently and it is up to you to find what works with the group of followers you have. Almost like learning the habits of your class when you were at school.

Be Personal

People admire honesty and people love it when you get personal, because sharing something that feels personal at the same time feels more real to most people. Let’s face it, content can get faceless occasionally. This is why having at least one talented writer on your team who likes to share his ideas on everyday things, and does it in style, might just be the thing to add a little seasoning to your organic content traffic.

Trust your readers to recognize when someone is trying to pull wool over their eyes. There are several generations out there who are coming of age now and who do not remember the world without internet or smartphones. They are also your potential audiences and they have already seen more content in their lives than an average 50-year old will ever have. Never underestimate their ability to notice that something is artificial.

Bolster Your Content with Some Influencer Magic

The last, but not the least is the influencer market. If you are aiming to break into markets that you are not part of, inviting a guest blogger who also has a huge following on social networks is another way of attracting audiences and gaining new readership. Cross-linking with a YouTube star or an Instagram influencer can make all the difference for any content out there – why not make sure it is yours. Apart from strengthening your own brand, you can also create joint content that could work on both platforms you are active on. There is a limit, and it is called imagination. After all, influencers are in the business of selling dreams.

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by Elaine Bennett // Elaine Bennett is a digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. Besides that, she's a regular contributor for Bizzmark Blog and writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more people and help them on their business journey.

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