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5 Benefits of LED Lights for Commercial Parking Lots

5 Benefits of LED Lights for Commercial Parking Lots

There is one thing most commercial property owners have in common: their businesses have parking lots. In the daytime, these spaces are typically well-illuminated thanks to all the natural light. When it gets dark, though, having quality lighting is something that is crucial for the overall safety and well-being of those using a parking lot.

Most people don’t notice the effectiveness of the lights in use unless they produce subpar lighting. An adequately lit parking lot creates a feeling of security and safety, and it’s even inviting. Parking lots with commercial LED products in place achieves this, along with a reduction in energy use.

Keep reading to learn more about the specific benefits offered by commercial LED lighting for commercial parking lots.


It’s estimated that LED lights remain in service approximately seven to eight times longer than metal halide units. LED products are also more economical when you consider how much you spend on more conventional replacements.

Considering the height of most parking lot poles and fixtures, it makes sense to use LEDs to avoid having to replace the bulbs on a regular basis.

Save Energy

When compared with the more common metal halide units, a light-emitting diode will draw approximately 50 to 60 percent less power. They can accomplish this without reducing the brightness of the light.

More sophisticated LED fixtures include features that help save even more electricity. These often use motion detectors and only operate at the maximum levels of brightness when cars or people get near them.

Smaller Impact

With both commercial and industrial LED lighting, there’s usually minimal damage to the environment. In addition to reducing power consumption, longevity limits overall material waste.

According to a government-sponsored study, it’s been found that LEDs cause much less ecological damage than some of the other, more popular lighting technologies. While this is true, unlike the fluorescent and halide units, they don’t contain any mercury. With LED lighting, less heat is produced as well.

Reduced Costs

Manufacturers of LED lights have reduced the prices significantly in recent years. Thanks to the available subsidies, they are now more affordable than ever before. Some electric utilities even offer incentives to commercial property parking lot owners who have adopted this technology.

In some situations, the rebates can help to reduce the initial cost of adopting this type of lighting by approximately one-third. What this means is that the lights are going to pay for themselves quickly, in both maintenance and electricity savings.

Safety Benefits

Perhaps one of the most appealing benefits offered by LED lighting used in commercial parking lots is that they create a safer space. If a parking lot is lit dimly, it may (and often does) cause unnecessary injuries. By improving the lighting performance, this risk can be mitigated.

When patrons using the parking lot have a higher level of visibility, it’s possible to eliminate possible lawsuits that may occur due to a parking lot that isn’t lit properly.

Speak with the Professionals for Assistance

Lighting a commercial parking lot is something that needs to be considered carefully. If the proper steps and technology are not used, serious issues may arise.

Due to this, and other factors, it’s a good idea to make sure that the right professionals are used to install this lighting and that they know the proper techniques. In the long run, ensuring that LED lighting is used for commercial parking lots will pay off, provide all the benefits mentioned above, and more. Keep that in mind when choosing lighting options for your commercial parking lot.

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