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3 Ways to Better Motivate Your Employees

3 Ways to Better Motivate Your Employees

Business owners and startup entrepreneurs are always looking for new ways to motivate their employees. After all, employees are the backbone of your company. Without them, none of what you do would be possible at all! You need their skill and their dedication to keep things up and running smoothly. So the question is, how do you keep them motivated to constantly give the 110% you need?  

In this post, we’ll cover three ways that you can boost employee motivation and make sure that they are totally devoted to your company. Some are classic, some are novel, but in all cases, you should start seeing your bottom line trend upward as you implement these strategies. Let’s get started. 

Strategy 1: Perks 

One thing that employees are always on the hunt for is better perks. Sure, pay is the main reason that employees go hunting for a job, but there’s more to compensation than your monthly paycheck. Perks can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you opt to give out cool company merch like a custom Yeti mug, or offer more days of paid time off a year, perks are the thing your employees will brag about to their friends. Not only do they motivate workers to keep working hard, they also help attract new talent. Consider these options next time you’re reviewing your company’s perks: 

  • At least ten days of PTO a year. Giving your workers plenty of time off a year will allow them to recharge their batteries and show up to work fresh and ready to go. Overworked employees just don’t give their best work. It’s counterproductive. 
  • Inclusive benefits: Maybe your employee needs glasses to focus better but can’t afford an optometrist on your current insurance. Or maybe they get a job offer with a more inclusive benefits package and decide to take their talent elsewhere. Beef up your benefits to make sure that you don’t lose employees to stinginess! 
  • Snacks and coffee: This one is easy and inexpensive. Got a kitchen? Stock it with tasty snacks and delicious coffee to keep employees motivated. People don’t work as well on an empty stomach, and don’t even get us started on trying to work un-caffeinated. With these simple perks, your employees won’t be distracted by a rumbling tummy or that midday no coffee slump.  

In addition to perks, there are some other effective strategies you can implement to motivate employees that we’ll discuss below. 

Strategy 2: Flex hours and remote work 

These days, so much work happens on laptops and online. Ever walk by a coffee shop midday on a weekday and see it stuffed with young people on laptops plunking away at their keyboards? Coders, marketers, writers, business strategists, and graphic designers can all easily complete their work remotely and during whatever hours they see fit. While you don’t need to sell off your office space and make your workforce completely remote. Adding in some flexibility with hours, as well as the option to work a few days remotely can be a great way to boost motivation. 

Plus, time tracking apps like Everhour can help ensure your employees are doing the work they need to, so you won’t worry that your investments are being squandered. Consider this strategy to motivate your employees while also getting your company’s reputation out there as being modern and flexible. 

Strategy 3: Company culture 

Having the right company culture is everything. If your employees hate each other, are constantly bored at work, or don’t see the point in their jobs, you’re going to lose workforce productivity. Building company culture means everything from employee bonding activities (with cool events like happy hours, not the eye-roll icebreakers we’ve all suffered through), comfy break rooms, and fun monthly events. Some easy ways to start building company culture include: 

  • Monthly outings such as catered lunches where employees can mingle 
  • Merch like T-shirts and hats that can be given out once every few months 
  • Zen Booth quiet rooms at work where employees can take a moment to themselves if they need it 

Motivating your employees is the number one way to build a company that’s here to stay and will make profits soar once your team is dedicated and loyal.  

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