Top-Paying Side Jobs (Infographic)

Many small business owners start out by first doing something in addition to their day job. It's often easier to start small and grow your side job into a primary business than to quit your primary job and make the jump to business ownership all in one leap. Here's a look at some top-paying side jobs that might also offer a path to business ownership and … [Read more...]

Top Apps for Small Business Marketing (Infographic)

For small business owners with a smart phone, managing your company’s marketing efforts is now easier than ever. This infographic, submitted by Justin Green of M2 On Hold, provides a list of the best apps for project management, social media management, project collaboration, file sharing, and keeping up with digital developments. … [Read more...]

Origin Stories Behind the Most Famous Slogans

Here’s a brief look at some interesting insights into the origins of popular business slogans. From Nike’s “Just Do It” to L’Oreal’s “Because You’re Worth It” and much more. Find out about the unusual sources of inspiration for these iconic slogans. Infographic Credit: M2 On Hold   … [Read more...]

Infographics 101

With today’s society being so visually focused, infographics are a great way to share your company’s knowledge, products, and services with the rest of the world. In essence, they allow you to tell your story or share your goods in a way that is simple, easy-to-understand, and appealing to your audiences’ eyes. However, they can also cause a little bit (or a lot) of anxiety if … [Read more...]

Why Your Small Business Should Sell Online Gift Cards: An Infographic

This infographic, submitted by Chris Landry, Managing Director at Colourfast, explains the stats and trends related to online gift cards. In the past, people bought gift cards as presents if they were struggling to think of something better to buy and they needed to buy something quickly, but the gift card industry is now booming and businesses are seeing huge growth in gift … [Read more...]

The Psychology of Logo Designs: An Infographic

There is a lot more to logo designs than meets the eye. The color, font, and shape of a business logo have certain associations that influence how a customer perceives your business. When you consider that 93% of purchasing judgments are made on visual perceptions, the important of choosing an appropriate logo for your business becomes all the more important. As a small … [Read more...]