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Getting Ahead of the Game: Five Reasons to Finish Your Business Degree

Getting Ahead of the Game: Five Reasons to Finish Your Business Degree

Today, in America, students of all ages, races, and backgrounds, are dropping out of college at an alarming rate. Take a look at these numbers from just four years ago: in 2016 almost 50% of first time students dropped out of their four-year programs. With almost two thirds of students leaving colleges without any degree, there is no “time like the present” to finally finish your business degree and push yourself ahead of other entrepreneurs. In this article we are going to look at five reasons why you should finish your degree, and hopefully encourage you along the way.

The Quality of Your Education

When getting any college degree, you are going to acquire assets that you will be able to take with you anywhere. With a business degree in particular, you will become well versed in critical thinking, time management, and problem solving. Remember that your business degree carries a reputation with it. If you are looking for a business as a place to make use of your degree and to call home, check out UAB Collat School of Business: the business school of choice.

Internal Growth

There is nothing more satisfying then knowing that you gave your all. When you complete your bachelor’s in business, you earn the right to be proud of what you have accomplished. Although there are times where school can be challenging, knowing that the success of your career is at the end makes the challenges worthwhile. Let the satisfaction of completion drive you to finish your degree and watch yourself grow in the process.

Salary Improvement

With the start of your career with a newly earned degree, also comes a new salary. Did you know that those holding a bachelor’s in business have the highest starting salary rate? With a starting salary of around $55,000, this is yet another reason to finish your degree. In fact, there are only two other fields, engineering and computer science, that have higher salaries for entry-level jobs, aside from those in the field of business.

High Job Availability

After graduation, there is typically a “what if” question. Those who graduate with a bachelor’s in business, have reason to ignore that thought. There is a high demand for those entering the business field and having a bachelor’s degree catapults your name to the front of any employers list. With the need for business professionals not slowing down anytime soon, you can have confidence in yourself and in your potential.

Network Advancement

There is something many of us have heard, “It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know”, and frankly, there is some honesty in that saying. When you are in the trenches with fellow business students, you are not only making potential friends, but you are also making future business connections. Take advantage of the time in school to learn how to properly network with those in your field. That way when the time comes to create partnerships, you have all the information you need.

There are many more reasons why it is important to finish your business degree, than the five we talked about today, but it is up to you to continue on until you meet your goal. Finish strong, keep your head up, and graduate with confidence.

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by Harvey Carr // Harvey Carr is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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