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Tips for Small Business Owners Hit Hard by Coronavirus

Tips for Small Business Owners Hit Hard by Coronavirus

The coronavirus has created a tough situation for many people, especially for owners of small businesses, and while they may be struggling during these tough and uncertain times, there are always ways to get through it. By using all available resources, being flexible, and maintaining a positive and proactive attitude, small business owners can make it through the Coronavirus crisis in the best possible way.

Look into What Resources Are Available to Help Your Business

The government has a vested interest in keeping small businesses afloat because they form an important sector of the economy, so you should look into what options are available to business owners in your industry. Perhaps there are specific loans, discounts, tax cuts, or stimulus money available for which you may be eligible. Get creative when exploring your options and leave no stone unturned.

Reach Out for Help If You Need It

If you need someone to talk to during this difficult time, don’t hesitate to reach out for help, especially if you’re turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as drugs and alcohol. Even now, such help is more accessible than you might think. For example, a leading Garden Grove rehab center in California recently made the decision to remain open during the pandemic, and the same is true for many other treatment facilities across the country. Substance use may seem like a good way to cope with the events surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic but in reality, it will only compound your problems in the future. This is why it is important that you seek out help before things get worse.

Keep Things in Perspective

One way to mitigate despair is to keep a positive attitude and count your blessings. If you’re healthy and can look after your health, that’s a huge positive as it’s not the case for everyone. If you have a safe place to live and you’re not in danger of homelessness, that is a blessing and likely a huge relief. If you have your family around you, give thanks for the presence of people you care about in your life. Psychologists generally find that people who try to maintain a positive attitude in tough situations are more resilient, so make sure your thoughts are working for you and not against you.

Focus on What Matters Most

If the coronavirus has forced you to have unexpected downtime when you would otherwise have been working, utilize that time as best as you can. You could spend more time with your family and friends, or take up a new hobby you’ve always been curious about.

Treat Any Setbacks as Opportunities

If you have no choice but to seriously cut back your operations or even go out of business, make sure you keep as much positive momentum as much as possible. Use the time you’re out of work to improve yourself or learn a new skill. This way you can position yourself well for when this crisis ends and the economy starts moving forward once again.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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