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Business’ Success: Why You Should Have a Low-Code Platform

Business’ Success: Why You Should Have a Low-Code Platform

Lately, modern technology has made it very easy for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses without having special knowledge or skills. A low code platform is an innovation that is no exception.

Low code is a visual approach to creating apps that people with no prior knowledge of coding can use. Low-code has the potential to be an innovative step for your company as a low-code platform can help you create apps that will help your business develop long-term relationships and increase the number of customers you have.

Marketing and Accelerating Apps

Because of technology, businesses don’t necessarily have to hire people with training in programming to create apps because low-code platforms can be used by any one of the current employees at the company. In fact, a recent study shows that low-code software enables apps to be created ten times faster than with traditional methods.

Excellent Customer Experience

Low-code development platforms also allow business to create apps that fit the needs of their customers. This is beneficial because businesses are able to provide a better customer experience and improve the chances of customers becoming repeat customers. This also pulls customers away from the competing businesses.

Lower Cost

With low-code technology, organizations don’t have to spend extra money on hiring IT specialists because they can create several apps at the same time and fully control the process and execution themselves. Developing apps through these platforms is not free, but about 70% of organizations say that it’s more affordable than hiring IT specialists.

Uncompromised Security

With low-code development, you don’t have to worry about security because each platform comes with an improved level of safety that covers both the users and the apps themselves. Because of this, businesses can create apps which successfully prevent unauthorized disclosures.


If you want to become successful in business and outperform your competitors, it’s important to keep up with innovations. Low code is an irreplaceable tool that contributes to your company’s ability to keep up with market changes and rids your business of the need to hire IT specialists.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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