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Staying Motivated in Tough Times

Staying Motivated in Tough Times

In times like the ones we are facing today, with devastating news and uncertainty surrounding us on all sides, the morale of individuals can be extremely low, and people can use a little extra uplifting to get motivated to work. Along with the impact it is having on employees, organizations are also feeling Coronavirus’ impacts. Having to downsize is no easy task, however, a huge number of organizations have had to do just that due to not being able to pay the salaries of their employees. To find out how companies are combating this tricky situation read these Lensa articles.

The current situation is a tricky one for managers as every individual handles stress differently and managers are still required to motivate their team members to perform their best. To help managers get their teams through these hard times, here are a few tips to keep in mind that will help keep employees motivated and keep productivity on track.

Follow an Open-Door Policy

In simple words, many employees may need constant reassurance, so a manager needs to keep themselves available for their team members. This also implies that they need to be clear about the requirements of the tasks assigned. “Sugarcoating” does more harm than benefit to any cause and receiving clear instructions will help employees follow them clearly in an uncertain situation.

Recognize and Appreciate Hard Work

Recognizing the hard work your team is doing is as important as is giving credit to the deserving party. Appreciation can come in many forms such as an appreciative email or even a simple appreciative comment during a staff meeting recognizing the hard work of your employees. This can also be used as an effective tool in improving employee morale.

Help Your Employees Fulfill Goals

Getting to know your employees and the goals they want to reach in their professional life can give a manager a better understanding of how to communicate with their employees and make the best use of the employee’s abilities. It is possible that an employee may want to take on more responsibility or they might show an interest in a different field. Taking notice of such things will allow the managers to utilize the skills of their employees and let the employees know their needs and wants are taken into consideration.

Move Unsatisfied Employees

There are some employees whose demands can never be satisfied and such employees spread a sense of displeasure in the company causing a negative impact on the overall productivity and morale of the employees. Managers need to be aware of the lengths to which they can go to satisfy employees and when they identify an individual who has a negative effect on the whole team, they need to remove them from the situation where they can affect the whole team.

Following these few pointers can help ensure a more motivating work environment and can help managers achieve a highly productive working environment with their team.

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by Brian Perry // Brian Perry is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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