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7 Online Payment Options for Your Business

7 Online Payment Options for Your Business

People now live in a wired world where payments are just one click away. When you give customers as many payment choices as possible, you give them more opportunities to make their payments most conveniently.

For business owners, this is good news because it makes getting paid a lot easier. It also secures consistent cash flow when payments are made in real-time. That said, below are some of the effective online payment methods that will help your business grow.

Credit Card

Credit card transactions can be a safe payment option for business owners because there’s no charge-back system to protect a merchant from the card’s unapproved use. There are also perks to this payment method because there’s no transaction fee, and the processing time is often low. Credit cards can also be linked to any online payment method accepted at most major retailers.

If you want to consider integrating credit card payments as part of your payment method online, you may need to hire a credit card processing company. You can visit this link as an option.

Debit Card

For the most part, customers tend to pay with a debit card. It’s because, while debit cards have the same convenience as credit cards and often provide similar liability protections, they draw funds directly from the user’s checking account. Its advantage lies in the reasoning that their bank can reimburse them for every dollar they lose due to theft because it’s their money that robbers have maxed out.

Accepting debit cards can also allow businesses to launch an e-commerce website to sell products and services over the Internet. Debit card solutions for websites are available from several credit card processors. Accepting debit cards on an online website is very close to using a standalone debit card reader in a physical store. Companies can meet a broader target market in the corporate world by using sites and accepting debit card payments.

Online Payment Service

There are several online payment service options available for small businesses. These online payment services offer varying degrees of service ranging from a nominal transaction fee to paid services. The advantage of using an online payment service is it’s acceptable for business credit cards. However, to use one, users will need to link their bank account. Some service providers might charge monthly fees for not doing so. You can use it as an online payment method as long as you’re using an email address and link your business’s bank account.


Another newer form of payment is through electronic checks or e-checks. These work in the same way that paper checks do. They pass funds from one account to another in the same way as conventional checks. Instead of using a paper check, the check’s information is communicated electronically or over the Internet. For starters, all converted tests are generally checked at no additional cost. Even better, since returned checks are responsible for their check service providers, merchants with e-check acceptance are guaranteed their funds from accepted transactions.

There are several advantages for merchants. It’s easy to accept e-checks. Check readers can be connected directly to existing payment terminals and printers by established merchants. Terminals with integrated check readers are also available for new retailers and small businesses looking to upgrade their payment equipment. These all-in-one units come with a slew of benefits. It’s more challenging to cancel e-checks, which is advantageous to businesses. Customers typically have a few days to cancel a paper check until it is cashed, but cancelling an e-check is far more complicated.

Bank Transfer

Businesses can utilize bank transfer services for their convenience. Bank transfer services can be used by almost every business type because they’re much more convenient. Bank transfer services provide a user with the ease of creating an account, transferring money, and then receiving funds in a certain amount of time.

These services are available all the time, which makes it more convenient for customers. However, transferring money through an online bank transfer is not guaranteed. Customers still have to ensure that they have the necessary information about your business’s bank account before transferring the money.

Wire Transfer

A wire transfer is an electronic money transfer that takes place between banks or transfer agencies all over the world. Unlike bank transfers, which can only be used inside the country, wire transfers can be made by customers within and outside the country. They are settled as soon as the funds reflect in your account. Wiring money is, for the most part, a secure method of receiving payments. Payments are more secure since banks only wire cash out if the sender has enough balance.


Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular as they’re now used to buy anything. Bitcoin is the most popular form of digital currency used as an online payment option for businesses. It’s a relatively safe form of payment because of its decentralized feature, which means no third party or middle man is involved in each transaction. Being decentralized makes its transaction fee lower compared to the centralized ones. Lower transaction fees are what consumers prefer because it’ll save them a lot, especially if they’re regularly purchasing online.

Some consumers are now considering using cryptocurrency whenever they buy something online. It also shows their support to the industry of the coin or token they are holding. Simply because of the supply and demand logic, as more people are using and accepting it, then it’ll increase its price in time.

You, as a small business owner, can benefit from cryptocurrency in so many ways. Besides being able to cater to consumers using it, keeping some of it is also a good investment. Its value seems to be frequently increasing. Some also believe that it’s the money of the future, so you might want to consider including it in your business’s payment method.


As consumers have different preferences, businesses need to have all possible payment options they can offer. It will create a great customer experience for online users. It’ll be more convenient for them to purchase the products they want. Giving more options to your customer will make them feel how much you value them, leading them to come back and buy more.

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