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How Can a PPC Agency Help Increase your B2B Conversion Rates?

How Can a PPC Agency Help Increase your B2B Conversion Rates?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is known for its measurability. A big part of ensuring that you’re getting the best return on investment from your ad spending is to make sure that you are optimizing everything on your website to help boost conversions from the traffic that you drive through different channels such as PPC. This is known as conversion rate optimization.

Working with PPC agency Session Media is a great way of ensuring that conversion rate optimization principles are applied to your paid marketing, to help you get the best bang for your buck. This is significant, as only 22% of marketers are happy with their current conversion rates.

Here are a few ways in which your PPC agency can help you improve your conversion rates.

Set up Proper Tracking

You cannot improve what you cannot measure. So ensure that your tracking is set up properly and the appropriate filters and bot traffic exclusions are implemented in your tracking software, for example, Google Analytics.

Make Your Website Secure

One of the first things that your website visitors will check once they arrive, even if it’s subconsciously, is whether or not they can trust your website. And a great way of ensuring that they trust you is by providing what is known as SSL or HTTPS encryption.

Make Your Website Fast

If your landing page takes longer than three seconds to load, chances are that you will lose at least 40% of the people landing on your page. Therefore it’s very important that you work on the page speed of your website.

Have Clear Headings

People don’t have a lot of time to figure out what your website’s about, make it easy for them by communicating this very clearly in your headers.

Make Your CTAs Engaging

Around 90% of the people who read the headers on your page will also end up reading the call to action button. Make sure you make it count by making it clear and engaging.

Showcase Your Credibility

If you were lucky enough to have been mentioned by other authoritative websites or have client testimonials, make sure you display these prominently, as you can gain authority by association by mentioning other reputable brands and websites on your webpage.

Be Economical with Your Words

You don’t need to tell a long story to get your point across. Research shows that people only need around fourteen words to understand exactly what you’re talking about- you don’t need to restrict yourself to that small an amount, however, be very economical with your words and respect your audience’s time and attention.

Be Careful with Video Embeds

Embedding a YouTube video is a great way to increase engagement on your webpage and get the point across in a lot fewer words. However, you have to be careful that if you’re embedding a video from YouTube, you have disabled the ‘related videos’ functionality, otherwise, you risk having your competitors’ content potentially playing on your website.

Utilize Customer Reviews

If you have positive customer reviews, use them on your webpage. They will communicate much more to your potential customers than any copy that you write promoting your own products or services.

Sell the Why Rather than the What

Chances are that your potential customer is already well aware of the problem they’re trying to solve. You can describe that problem in your copy, however, spend most of your time describing the benefits that the customer will receive by using your solution. In other words, sell the ‘why’ rather than the ‘what’.

Use Custom Images

Images are great to increase engagement on your web pages. However, if you are going to use images, make sure that they are customized images rather than stock. Stock images make it look as if you haven’t put a lot of effort into your website in customizing it. And it can make a difference, even if the customers aren’t consciously aware of it, in terms of how much they trust your website.

Ensure that Your Content Is Valuable

B2B sales cycles tend to be longer and the prospects need a lot of information and education before they’re ready to make a high-value decision. Therefore, ensure that apart from the conversion landing pages, the content that you provide in the earlier stages of the sales cycle adds value to your customers.

These are just some ways in which working with a PPC agency can help boost the conversions on your website, alongside the obvious benefit of driving much more targeted leads via paid advertising channels.

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