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Landing Page Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Conversions

Landing Page Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Conversions

A landing page is a vital asset for your business. It is the first place your target customer interacts with your brand and builds an impression. Landing pages are known to have the highest conversion rate of 23%. The relevance of the page and its performance are key elements of lead generation. The right structure and design can push web traffic to do what you want them to do, such as sign up for your events, purchase products, and subscribe to your newsletter.

An ideal landing page includes compelling CTAs, with consistency in corporate logo and animation, according to an article by Semgeeks. Since customers value transparency, 65% of the top pages also have brand names in the title tag.

But an unoptimized page can kill conversions. Visitors might leave within seconds if they are confused or frustrated. So, take a look at a few common mistakes to avoid so that your landing page achieves the desired results.

Missing Trust Signals

Certifications and credentials, past customer testimonials, and celebrity endorsements are cues that can help people trust your business, according to an article by Forbes. The other basic ones are industry accreditations and logo features. You can miss out on big opportunities to drive conversions without trust indicators. But try not to use them in a dishonest way. Add authentic reviews and embed genuine tweets. This can help boost the reputation of your business as well. But avoid going overboard.

Complicated Layouts

Cluttered designs can irritate customers. Avoid multiple offers, unwanted sections and distracting tags. Incorporate white page design concepts and organize the page logically. Avoid high-end jargon like “game changer” and “mission statement.” These were the most hated buzzwords of 2017 and might add to the clutter annoyance. Also avoid using too much text, and too many videos and animation on the page. A well-organized page can help maximize conversions and keep visitors engaged right till the end.

Bad Mobile Experience

Unique phone users stand at 5.27 billion, that is, 67.1% of the global population, as of April 2021, according to figures released by DataReportal. In fact, 92.8% of netizens use smartphones to go online. So, having a mobile-friendly landing page is a must. Studies show that 40% of Americas bounce to a competitor page if a website is not mobile optimized.

Customer intent and distraction levels change drastically when shifting from desktops to smartphones. Make sure the page is easy to navigate. Clean up your code to avoid excessive usage of Ajax or JavaScript. This can help achieve a fast-loading page. Lastly, make use of Hamburger icons and stick to single-column layouts for responsive performance.

Weak Call to Action

An enticing CTA often has a direct link to sales. Figure out what actions you want visitors to take. It could be booking an appointment or more service requests. Explore the different types: Basic CTA, Smart CTA, and Multivariate CTA, to suit your needs, according to an article by HubSpot. Now position it on the top right corner using a different background color. The size of the button is also a vital factor in conversions. Avoid using a giant one that is right in the customer’s face. All these combined can help convert even better than images.

With the right approach and intelligent choices, your landing page can help enhance your conversion rate and drive business growth.

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by Dirk DeBie // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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