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Managing Stress as a Working Woman

Managing Stress as a Working Woman

Whether you’re a married family woman, a single mother, or just a gal navigating your way through the stresses of your work and personal life, it’s essential to be able to roll with punches and bounce back healthier and stronger than ever. While sometimes this can seem like an impossible feat—especially being resilient during a pandemic—it is possible! Let’s look at some different ways you can not only manage stress as a working woman, but also overcome it and feel better and healthier on the other side.

Start With Your Mind

Mind over matter. We’ve heard it countless times. We’ve also heard that thoughts become things. What if both were true? What we think becomes our reality, and we have the power to change those things, even when it feels impossible. Whether you do this through the laws of attraction, prayer, or meditation, you can change your thought processes to become more positive. Ultimately, you’ll be able to put a more positive spin on the stresses of work and home life, which will, in turn, result in more positive outcomes.

If you feel like you’re particularly struggling, consider working with a therapist to help you gain the tools to do this, and they’ll pay off for your lifetime. It’s also never a bad idea to invest in some workout gear to clear your mind out at the end of a particularly rough workday. However you decide to keep your mindset as optimistic and hopeful as possible, the important thing is that you make it a daily focus until it becomes natural for you. Achievement, unlocked!

Focus On Physical Health

Physical health is essential; we all know this. However, many women struggle, especially full-time working woman (whether that’s 9-5 in an office or motherhood, we’re all working hard here) to put in the time to stay physically fit and healthy. You don’t have to work towards a six-pack, but being healthy in general helps you better deal with stress because stress has a significant impact on your physical health. 

Start by taking a look at your diet. Eating over-processed or extra sugary foods is not only a recipe for feeling sluggish and brain fogged; it makes it harder for you to keep inflammation down in the body, which, believe it or not, impacts your mental health. So, consider switching to a more plant-based diet or incorporating less processed foods. Over time, when you consume “junk food,” it won’t even appeal to you. You’ll be nourishing your body and your mind at the same time.

Equally as essential as diet when it comes to physical health is movement. You don’t have to become a high-intensity guru to feel the benefits that exercise has against stress. You can do more gentle workouts like yoga and pilates, or even simple stretching and walking. Not only does exercise center and calm the mind, but it’s also an excellent time to either zone out and not think about workplace stress or a time to process it and let it go by the time the exercise is over. If you choose a form of exercise that you enjoy, you’re more likely to stick with it, and it will become a part of your lifestyle long-term—and that’s the key to physical health.

Adjust Your Surroundings

Sometimes, less really is more. Take a look at areas of your life that you can declutter. Is your home overflowing with items that make it hard for you to keep a clean and relaxing home environment? Does your monthly debt worry you and should you find an online payday loan to clear out some bills and consolidate them into one single payment? Is your social media consumption out of control and does it ultimately put you in a bad mood? Social media can be negatively impactful through several avenues, including unrealistic comparisons, misinformation, or simply exposing you to people you don’t particularly like.

Consider unfollowing things that harm you or deleting those apps altogether. If your home is a point of contention when it comes to enjoying a peaceful environment, it could be worth it to Marie Kondo the heck out of it! Keep only things that bring you joy and comfort and get rid of all the noise: the clothes that don’t fit, gifts from an ex that bring back memories you’d rather not experience. Sell or donate anything that’s collecting literal or proverbial dust. There’s nothing like making a little side money while you’re simplifying and improving your life!

Stress or regular ups and downs are inevitable. Sometimes, when you’re putting in hours every day to make ends meet or save up for early retirement, those feelings can become overwhelming. While the above list is small, it includes methods that are proven to overcome and stave off stress. So, move forward armed with the tools that will help you navigate your way through all of it. Happy (stress-free) trails!


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