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Business Travel Doesn’t Have to Mean Unhealthy Meals

Business Travel Doesn’t Have to Mean Unhealthy Meals

If you travel a lot for business, then you know how difficult it can be to eat healthy when you’re away from home. In fact, a survey conducted by TripAdvisor found that almost one-third of all travelers gain weight. From less than nutritious options at the airport to choosing convenience over health when it comes to your food choices once you’ve arrived at your destination, it is understandable how this can happen.

And although it may be tempting to let go of your diet while away on business, this can actually do more harm than good. For starters, eating high-fat, high-sugar foods can make you feel even more tired than the traveling itself. Plus, what you eat also has the capability of affecting your brain function, making you potentially less than effective at your job when on the road.

So, how can you make travel food healthier in order to bring your best to the table?

Watch Your Sugar Consumption

Research conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles cites how consuming a lot of sugar can affect your ability to learn and retain information. This can ultimately hinder you if you are traveling to a training session or meeting with a new client and want to remember everything you discuss. This means skipping the candy rack at most convenience stores and opting for lower-sugar food options instead.

Take Healthy Food Options with You

Certainly, you can’t pack a refrigerator in your suitcase, but a few handy yet healthy snacks in your carry-on can help you get past your hunger pangs without hurting your waistline. Some to consider include trail mix, cheese sticks and an apple, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat.

The key is to make sure you get protein, carbs, and a little bit of fat in each one so that it tides you over until you can get a proper meal. Protein bars work in a pinch too.

Choose Healthy Restaurants

If you are traveling in the U.S., offers a list of America’s Top 10 Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants. Ones that made the cut include Panera Bread, Au Bon Pain, and Chipotle, just to name a few. Yelp can be a great tool as it allows you to see what food options other diners found healthy at that particular establishment.

Make Good Food Choices

Just because you’re eating at a fast food joint or a restaurant known for their high-calorie cuisine doesn’t mean that you have to make unhealthy food choices. Sure, you should experience some of the local fare, especially if it is a place you’ve never been, but a majority of your meals should be good for you so that you are on top of your game.

AOL’s Daily Finance site offers a list of The 10 Most Unhealthy Fast-Food Items on America’s Menu. Most of them are double and triple burger options, but even Subway’s footlong Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki made the list because of its high salt content. Healthier food options to consider include fresh salads (with lite dressing and healthy toppings), sushi, and grilled skinless chicken breast sandwiches.

Do Your Research Ahead of Time

Whether you are traveling across town or across the globe, it helps to scope out your healthy food options at your destination before you even get there. To do this, you can do an Internet search on “healthy restaurants” or “healthy food” followed by the area to which you are traveling. This allows you to decide beforehand what types of foods are good options and even which restaurants serve them.

What are some ways that you make healthy eating easier while traveling for business? Comment below and you can help others make the same great choices!

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by Christina DeBusk // Freelance writer, author, and small business consultant committed to helping entrepreneurs achieve higher levels of success.

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