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7 Disastrous Blogging Mistakes That Must Be Avoided At All Cost

7 Disastrous Blogging Mistakes That Must Be Avoided At All Cost

You know that blogging is important for your business, but it’s easy to feel lost while blogging. Your eyes are on the computer screen, and you have no clue about what to write or how to make your posts interesting. You struggle at times to keep your readers from being bored, and you do not want to waste the space by writing something that does not add value. But the question is: how long can you keep up with this struggle?

There comes a time after eight to ten months that you give up on blogging. You feel that it is not working well for you or that your blog is not getting the attention you expected. This feeling of giving up  is very normal, but sometimes you have to fight with your schedule to be consistent with your blogging. The biggest mistake would be to give up on the blog just before it becomes a huge success. Take a look at some more mistakes that you need to avoid while you blog:

Starting Without A Goal

Start your blog once you have set your goals in mind, then come up with a strategy to achieve them. It is important to be consistent, as it may take months to generate the results depending, upon your industry. Some of your aims in blogging should be:

  • A basis for online public relations
  • Building your credibility and influence, and sharing your expertise
  • To attract more web traffic from Google
  • To connect with the market experts, social media and influencers

Writing For A Crowd

Choose your readers wisely. The idea of having thousands of readers is really great, but trying to compensate for the masses means you will address no one and also kill your writing. Always select an audience you are addressing to before starting a fresh post.  Write as if you are in an interesting conversation with your favorite readers. You can:

  • Give solutions to their problems
  • Help them in making decisions
  • Answer or discuss a single problem in one post

Posting Every Day

Do not make your blog a daily thing. The wise thing would be to update the blog weekly or monthly. Write only when you have something valuable to share, and do not just write for the sake of adding more and more posts. Publishing one post a month that inspires your readers is better than flooding the page with recycled and uninteresting posts. Decide the frequency at which you can produce a quality post and be consistent with it.

Making It Too Complex to Read

Complexity is taken for sophistication often, which is completely wrong. Keep your blog as simple as possible for your readers.

  • Use simple sentences to explain complex concepts
  • Write short paragraphs to keep your readers interested
  • Use the terms that your audience will understand and not the technical terms.

Being Too Self Indulged

Let’s admit it, a lot of bloggers make this mistake. The fact is, readers are not there to know you or your life stories. They can occasionally add colors to your posts, of course, but your primary job is to guide them with something more productive that is not only useful, but also interesting to them.

Not Promoting the Blog

If you start a blog, you automatically become responsible to bring in the traffic. Do not expect readers to turn up by relying on the search engines only. You must:

  • Add a link to your latest blog to your email signature
  • Comment on other blogs
  • Share your blog link on your social networks

Keeping An Eye On The Word Count

Your biggest concern should be to write quality posts and not worry about their size. Deliver the message in the amount of words required to fully communicate the message to your readers.

Keep in mind that your words are the only thing that could either build or destroy the interest of your readers. Do not forget to ask them to subscribe to the newsletter so that they can stay updated with everything you post.

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by Rochelle Ceira // Guest Contributor to Businessing Magazine and Market Research Analyst at a firm where students come to purchase cheap dissertation. She’s also a passionate blogger who loves to share her expert tips with readers around the world.

Opinions expressed by contributors are their own.