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10 Unusual Places to Find Blogging Inspiration

10 Unusual Places to Find Blogging Inspiration

There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank page and wondering what on earth you’re going to write for your next blog post.

Anyone in the business of content marketing or simply blog writing for pleasure will know the importance of keeping a regular routine. Publishing posts regularly is key to building an audience and, most importantly, keeping your finger on the pulse of your industry or chosen niche.

Sometimes, the ideas dry up. Just as a novel writer occasionally hits paralyzing levels of writer’s block, bloggers are susceptible to periods of zero inspiration. When it strikes, it’s frightening and all too easy to give up entirely and turn to guest posters to do the work for you.

If this all sounds worryingly familiar, don’t give up. Just as you can learn to draw out the brilliant writer inside of you, it’s possible to gain a fantastic knack for finding inspiration whenever you need it.

The trick to finding inspiration when it appears to have vacated is to look in unusual places, and in this post, we’re going to list ten which almost certainly won’t be on your radar:

Go for a Night Out With Your Friends

Your friends are brilliant sources of inspiration. Think about the times you’ve spent within your social circles where you’ve laughed (and, sometimes, cried) and occasionally been left in awe at the stories laid bare around the table.

Take one of those stories and see if you can relate it to your niche. People love storytelling, and integrating real stories into your blog posts is a surefire way to create content that people will devour.

Go to the Movies

Hollywood could be your savior. If you simply can’t think of the next blog title, take an evening out to watch a couple of films. Opt for something you’ve not seen before and immerse yourself in the narrative. There’ll be a character arc, plot twist or single scene that gives you the inspiration you so badly need.

Read your Blog Comments

As painful as it can often be, reading your blog comments may give you a good idea of what your audience wants from you.

What are they saying? Are there any clues as to where you could take the next piece? If you’re unsure – get involved in the commenting yourself and ask.

Make Reddit a Daily Read

Reddit is a superb way to gauge public opinion and discover exactly what makes people tick within a certain niche or industry.

Read Reddit as often as you can and focus on threads that relate to the content you post on your blog. Just one comment could spark an idea that will result in a brilliant post.

Go for a Long Walk

Walking is great for both the body and mind. So, close that laptop, put on your comfiest walking boots and go for a long stroll. You’ll come back fresher and with ideas that simply weren’t there before.

Recount a Mistake You’ve Made

We all make mistakes – it’s how we learn and grow as humans. Your audience won’t think anything less of you if you recount a mistake you’ve made, so why not tell all?

Blogging too often results in self-congratulatory posts or stories that focus on past wins. That’s fine, but you need to balance it out with the reality of being a human being. You’ve made mistakes, so use one of them as inspiration for your next blog post.

Look Up Twitter Trends

What’s trending on Twitter right now? So varied are trending topics on the micro blogging site that you’re almost certain to find something you can relate to your blog.

Review Your Photo Albums

Photos are regularly used instead of words to tell stories and the old adage of “a picture speaks a thousand words” can be put to good use by any blogger.

Take a look back at your old photo albums and see what lies within. A family holiday snap or moment captured may just be enough to spark an idea for that next blog title.

Check the Spam Folder

Email spam isn’t always useless. Believe it or not, a quick rifle through your junk folder may unearth a brilliant moment of inspiration (even if it is to simply lament spam itself!).

Read Your Competition’s Blog

We’ll start this with a disclaimer for this one: we’re not suggesting you indulge in a spot of copying!

Look at your competition. What are they writing about? More importantly – what aren’t they writing about? Fill in their gaps and improve on the content they’re already posting – you know you’re better than them, after all!

Still stuck for blog inspiration? Of course not!

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by Izabela Wisniewska // Izabela Wisniewska is a university student and freelance SEO specialist. She is interested in advertising, psychology and photography

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