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8 Tips That Will Help You Create Branded Content That Will Convert

8 Tips That Will Help You Create Branded Content That Will Convert

The best online content encourages conversion. Whether you’re looking to increase engagement with your readership, increase your sales numbers, or otherwise, you’ve got to be creating good, branded content. Here are 8 tips that will help you get the most out of your content and get those conversion rates up.

Utilize Peer Reviews

A reader is much more likely to believe what you’re saying if your customers are backing you up. Use peer reviews to show readers that you’re the real deal. Many sites choose to use testimonials on their landing pages to show the quality of their products or services. Another good way of doing this is to show Tweets or Facebook posts from happy customers.

Use Emotion to Motivate Your Readers

You’ve probably heard before that it is important to include emotion in your copy—and that’s still true. However, what’s more important is how you use emotion to motivate your readers. For example, you can use peer pressure, as in the tip above, to convince readers they want to be like others buying from you. You can also use the desire for self improvement in order to push readers towards the result you’re looking for.

Write for Your Reader

This sounds obvious, but you’ve got to be writing with the reader in mind. Before you write anything, do extensive research into what their wants and needs are. How can you meet those with your content? Make sure your content is relevant, and rooted in reality.

Use Content Tools to Help You Improve

The right tools can make your content go from “so-so” to “perfect”. Here’s some of the best tools you can try to polish your content and get it converting.

  • Prophet: This site will help you connect with the human side of your readers, and see them as people with needs you can meet.
  • Ie vs Eg: Good grammar is vital to your copy. Check any rules you’re unsure of with the helpful guides here.
  • Write My Essay: This site can help you with content proofreading. Huffington Post also shows how these academic writing sites can actually help with content creation, too.
  • Mix Panel: This tool helps you understand the customer journey, and how you can improve the journey on your own website.
  • Pay For Essay: This writing agency can create content for you when you need it.
  • State Of Writing: This site is full of helpful writing guides, that can help with any aspect of writing.
  • Trial Fire: Use this tool to examine the data behind your site and understand your visitors better.
  • Essayroo: These writers can help edit and write converting content.
  • Easy Word Counter: This tool will give an accurate word count of the writing.
  • Market Muse: This tool uses artificial intelligence to help you improve your content.
  • Cite It In: Use this tool to get the correct citation for any source you use.

Write Lists

List articles, or ‘listicles’, do so well because they don’t rely on the reader to pay as much attention as a full article. They’re tempting for readers, as they’re entertaining to read, and don’t ask of much from them. The average reader can scan through the article and still get all the main points you were making.

Remove Distractions

“Whenever you write a new piece of content, you should be asking just one thing of the reader,” says content expert Diane Rogers from “In your text, you need to eliminate any distractions and focus on that one ask. Links, for example, are a great way to build SEO. Use too many though, and your reader could click away before they’ve done as you’ve asked.”

Look for The Pain Points

This sounds rather vicious, but it’s not as hard on your readers as it sounds. You’re looking for the problems that your readers need solutions to. For example, if you’re selling a carpet cleaner, you could write:

“Are you worried about what’s lurking in your carpets? Do you feel they’re not as clean as they should be? Here’s how our product can help you make them as good as new again, without the effort.”

Ask questions the reader may not want to ask themselves, then offer the solution for them.

Partner Up with Influencers

If you pick the right social media influencer, you can reach a new audience and grow your business exponentially. Pick your influencer carefully, and they can show off your product to a whole new audience. If you work with them to create new and exciting content, you can go far.

These 8 tips will help you create content that’s designed to convert. It’s all about knowing your audience and giving them what they need. If you can do that, then they’ll come back again and again. Try these tips for yourself and you’ll see how much your content improves.

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