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How to Improve Your Knowledge Before Becoming Self-Employed

How to Improve Your Knowledge Before Becoming Self-Employed

It’s easy to see the attraction in being self-employed. Self-employed people get to take more control over their personal and their professional lives. Being self-employed doesn’t just mean the freedom to decide more for yourself. For many people it also offers a very potent tool for improving their self-esteem, and their overall sense of self-worth. However, being self-employed isn’t sunshine and roses! Being self-employed means that you are also responsible for yourself, which can temper the additional freedom somewhat.

You don’t need a background in business to be able to understand that this is a very difficult environment to be starting a business in. Most businesses will fail not long after they begin, and those that do survive will still be facing an uphill struggle. That’s not to say that you should be deterred from starting a business, but you should be prepared for some of the stark realities of the marketplace. The more prepared you are beforehand, the better your chances of success will be.

Here are some of the key ways that you can brush up on all your necessary knowledge and skills in preparation for your first self-employment venture.

Check Social Media for Experiences

Social media can be an absolute goldmine of information in certain circumstances. One instance where social media is very useful is in finding the first-hand experiences of other people. Whether you are looking for reviews of a certain product or service, travelling advice, or some real-world accounts of what it is like working in a particular vocation, social media is full of these kinds of experiences. Reddit is perhaps the best of them to check as they usually have dedicated communities (subreddits) for most subjects.

Gain Some Work Experience

For many vocations, it is advisable to spend some time working in the relevant position before you consider becoming self-employed in that area. Even if you possess all the skills and knowledge necessary for the job, this doesn’t mean you will know all the necessary business skills that you need to stay afloat. If you can’t find any work in the exact field that you wish to enter, you should still look out for the nearest thing you can.

As well as writing directly to businesses and inquiring about the possibility of part time work, or work experience, you could also take advantage of a temping agency. For example, you can get work straight away with the Staff Heroes job app.

Transition from Part Time to Full Time

When you are just starting your first business, or other self-employment venture, you will no doubt need some time to learn the ropes. There are very few people who can dive into things with no prior experience and instantly be good at them. It therefore is often a very good idea to start small with your self-employment venture. If you are starting your own business, see if you can get it up and running as a side venture initially, while you work another job. This will provide you with financial security, as well as giving you plenty of time to ease yourself into your new world.

Being self-employed has a number of advantages and attractions attached to it. But if you are picturing self-employed life as being little more than lounging around at home in your underwear, think again! You will need dedication, determination, and preferably experience, in order to excel as your own boss. If you aren’t able to motivate yourself and steer yourself in the right direction, there won’t be a boss to do it for you! The above tips will help you to ensure that you enter into your venture with both eyes wide open.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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