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Using PR to Promote Your ICO

Using PR to Promote Your ICO

To make your initial coin offering (ICO) successful, the more publicity you can generate for it, the better. Investors who are keen to get in on the ground floor with the growing number of cryptocurrencies being launched see ICOs as a great way to buy new cryptos at a lower cost before the rest of the market bids their respective prices up.

There are different ways to use PR to promote your ICO. Let’s look at a few of the possibilities now.

Guest Posting

Guest posting on popular crypto news sites is well worth it because it puts information about your upcoming ICO in front of readers who are keen to invest. The are regular readers about crypto investing, many of whom actively participate and are looking for an edge on the rest of the market, which has become increasingly competitive.

To keep up with the growing appetite for insightful information and the latest news, crypto-related websites often look to crypto guest posts supplied by third-parties to fill a gap in their publication schedule. Accepting guest posts is an efficient way for publications to get some free, quality content and hold down publications costs while doing so.

Check the statistics for the website to narrow down the best targets for a guest posting campaign. Look for their web site visitors (AHrefs, SEMRush, Alexa rating), check for any “Write for Us” navigational link or similar page on their site, and try to network with their staff before pitching your guest post ideas.

Groups, Subreddits, and Message Boards

Message boards are useful avenues to talk up a coin launch before the launch date. The most well-known one is Bitcointalk, but there are lesser known ones too.

Reddit is also a good place for specific discussions in subreddits focused tightly around a single topic. The /r/icocrypto is the most relevant. For block-chain related ICOs, then /r/ethtrader/ might also be of interest and has more subscribers too.

Facebook has groups that work much like message boards. Information about a new ICO can be posted in some of these groups and discussed. There are groups revolving around block-chain technology, investing in early-stage crypto coin, ICOs, and more.

Beyond that, Quora can be used as a backdoor method to promote an upcoming ICO. Questions posted by people wanting to know what cryptocurrency to invest in opens the door to answers that benefit both parties. Demonstrating crypto knowledge and referring to your upcoming ICO can go hand-in-hand.


Twitter is a great place to start talking up your new coin. A new form of tagging specifically for crypto has developed, dubbed “Cashtag”, which has a dollar sign as a prefix, e.g. $BTC and $XVG. Use the planned abbreviation for your crypto coin to create your own standardized tag for tweets.

Enthusiasts of crypto news and investments keep current with trending crypto-related tweets and regularly follow the accounts of new crypto coins in development. Check to see how new, popular coins with recent successful ICOs used Twitter to both make people aware of their upcoming ICO and stimulate trade once it was launched. Then adopt a similar strategy.

ICO Calendars

ICO calendars are websites that offer online details about upcoming events relating to cryptocurrency. Sites like,, and track launches and other significant events related to block-chain companies, along with new ICOs and other items of note.

Some of the calendars pre-sort ICOs and new token sales into categories. This is relevant when a crypto coin is traded only in certain markets like gaming, gambling, finance, real estate, or social media. The most important items in each calendar, according to the editors on the crypto site, gets highlighted too.

There are many ways to use smart PR to promote an ICO. Ultimately, it’s about getting information of the impending ICO in front of avid readers who follow cryptocurrency news and want a front-row seat on the latest developments. Millions of people track the expanding crypto sector closely and look for ways to invest early in promising prospects. When reaching these groups successfully, an ICO is far more likely to succeed.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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