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Hacks for Boosting Your Conversion Rate

Hacks for Boosting Your Conversion Rate

Digital marketing and e-commerce have really transformed the way businesses compete for customers. Digital marketing, in particular, allows small and medium-sized enterprises to compete with bigger rivals for the same market segment. Add the fact that setting up an e-commerce site is also very easy to do, and you have the perfect combination.

However, driving traffic to your online storefront is only half of the battle. There is no point in having millions of visitors if none of them gets converted into an actual paying customer. Conversion is an important metric to keep in mind when running an e-commerce site, and we have some of the best hacks and tricks for boosting your conversion rates in this article.

Keep It Simple

The first thing you need to do to boost your conversion rate is optimize your site, particularly the checkout process. For starters, you want customers to be able to find the products they need – and the information they are searching for – as quickly and easily as possible.

Next, you want to eliminate disruptions that affect the customer experience. This means dialing down your use of popups, eliminating unnecessary web elements that can be distracting, and simplifying the checkout process.

That last part is very important. Your checkout process needs to be as simple as it can be; a 1-step checkout is ideal, but you can settle for a 2-step process if needed. This will reduce the number of dropped carts and improve conversion rates.

Follow Up

Speaking of dropped carts, taking the time to really understand the reason behind dropped carts is another way to boost conversion rates. The tempting thing to do is run a massive retargeting campaign to win those customers. This, unfortunately, isn’t always the best thing to do.

You want to understand why potential customers abandon their carts so that you can take the right steps to boost conversions. Are they discouraged by your shipping and handling fees? Is the checkout process too complicated? Are there other reasons for the high number of dropped carts?

The more you explore the reasons, the more solutions you’ll discover, and the easier it will be to boost your conversion rate. A handful of effective solutions is far better than a massive retargeting campaign that doesn’t work.

Guarantees and Support

Another way to boost your conversion rate immediately is by offering superb customer support – and staying true to that promise. Aftersales service is one of the factors customers take into account when making purchase decisions. There is no better time to develop a reputation for strong customer support than right now.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to build a capable support team. You can now use a SaaS helpdesk as the foundation for your support team. The helpdesk solution will help keep track of support requests and customer inquiries, all while keeping the support team effective in delivering good customer experience.

To further amplify the effect of good aftersales service, offer guarantees as part of your promise to customers. A 30-day money back guarantee is standard in many industries, while additional guarantees – such as a guarantee that someone from the support team will respond to inquiries within two hours – will further solidify your reputation as a business that cares.

Develop Relationships

In the old days, companies offered bonuses and rewards to persuade customers to leave testimonials. While testimonials and reviews are still valuable these days, the better way to earn them is by building a stronger relationship with existing customers.

Loyal customers are more than happy to recommend your products to others. They are also more eager to write positive reviews and share information about your products and your brand. On top of that, loyal customers will engage your social media pages (and other online channels) in positive ways.

These little things add up. The four hacks we discussed in this article are hacks that substantially improve the experience of potential customers. They all lead up to that one crucial moment when your potential customers hit the Checkout button with a smile on their face. That’s how you substantially boost your conversion rate.

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by Lottie Pritchard // Lottie Pritchard is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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