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Here’s Why Your Content Strategy Should Include Blogging

Here’s Why Your Content Strategy Should Include Blogging

If you look at your timelines, the most shared posts are video content, which are usually around three minutes at most. This is why it is so easy to think writing blog articles may not be as important anymore as creating vlogs or short clips.

However, putting blogging aside may hurt your views and your ranking. Publishing articles on your page is still one of the most effective content strategies you can execute to optimize your page. There is a 434% chance that you will rank high on search engines if you have an active blog on your website, plus you will get 67% more leads than websites without one.

Here we will discuss other reasons why you should continue pushing blog articles on your website.

Your Blog Enforces Your Branding

In terms of top-of-mind strategies, your blog can help you with customer retention because it expounds more on what your brand is and what your offerings are. Long-form content still performs well both providing the details of your industry and in search engines. Of course, this is only effective if your website has reliable hosting, since it controls website speed and performance. If you find that your blog is always experiencing performance problems, you might want to start considering a transfer of domain name to another host.

It Humanizes Your Business

You can gain credibility and earn trust through consistent blogging. Remember that your blogs are supposed to be the bridge between you and your customers. It should help address their concerns and add value to their lives. But the relationship built from your blog should not be too stiff and formal. This is your chance to show a bit of personality, and be likable and relatable.

Drives More Traffic and Leads

It goes without saying that the blog is the bread and butter of your page. This is where your use of keywords and optimization efforts are executed so that search engines like Google can easily index your website. Moreover, since the algorithm is ever evolving, it will play a vital role in keeping your website on the first page of Google.

Additionally, an active blog can get about 97% more inbound links. Inbound links, or outside pages that link to your website, is a big factor in search engine ranking. Blogging about different topics included in your niche increases your chances of getting a lot of inbound links.

There Is a Significant Return on Investment

Because blogging is what drives potential customers to your website, it follows that there is a high chance of conversion. You can already observe businesses pushing articles on their social media pages precisely because of this reason. As more and more people read their articles, a majority of them will take a look around the online shop and potentially purchase an item or two.

Encourages Community Building

Social media pages are not the only tools to strengthen the community around your brand. You can use your blog to encourage discussions and an exchange of ideas in the comments section or on your own forum. You can also allow them to leave their own thoughts on where you can improve. In addition, you can encourage them to share their favorite post from your website to their own pages.

Blogging is Convenient and Cost Effective Advertising

Your blog can be your advertising tool. Remember that the majority of consumers know how the algorithm works, and so they dedicate time researching a company before they decide to be patrons of it. Use your blog to inform them about what you do and the things you can offer to better their lives.  Note that not a lot of people like clicking on ads, so maximize the use of your blog.

Promotes Creativity

Blogging should not just talk about your products. Use it to expound on your brand story, show customers what your business culture is, and tell them about what your vision is both for the company and the people you are aiming to help. Consumers want shareable and valuable information, so provide it for them by being creative with your content.

Do not leave blogging just because videos are making the rounds on your timeline. Understand the importance of keeping your blog active and reap the benefits both monetarily and in terms of community growth.

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by Brian Perry // Brian Perry is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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