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Essential Onboard Extras for Commercial Trucks

Essential Onboard Extras for Commercial Trucks

Businesses with their own fleet of long haul commercial trucks aren’t keeping the big rigs around just to sit in the parking lot. These organizations count on their fleet for the successful fulfillment of business transactions, whether it’s shipping products directly from the factory to clients, providing less-than-truckload transport, or connecting distribution centers across the map.

Needless to say, if your company currently owns and operates a fleet of commercial trucks, you want them to be equipped for efficiency. What’s more, you want your drivers to have the resources they need to get the job done right without losing their minds. While the average Peterbilt for sale comes with a number of pre-installed features, both in terms of safety and accommodation, companies will likely want to add a few custom extras in order to do what’s right by their customers, drivers, and bottom line. Here are a few features to consider adding to your fleet of trucks, if they don’t already have them.

GPS Tracking

Much of modern fleet management relies on the ability to keep track of your trucks at all times. This is done with the help of a GPS tracking device installed onto the big rig. Such technology is both affordable and reliable, making it a no-brainer add-on to your fleet vehicles.

Ignition Interlock

Trust, but verify. It’s true, you trust your drivers to stay sober on the road, but the stakes are too high for there to be no way to know this for certain. The best solution is to have an ignition interlock system installed into every truck in your fleet. This onboard technology requires the driver to take a breathalyzer test in order for the vehicle to be started. It’s a simple way to thwart the potential for catastrophe on the road.

Weather App

The possibility of running into bad weather is something every truck driver worries about, whether they’re a greenhorn or seasoned professional. In situations where radio contact with other trucks on the road is limited, an easily accessible onboard weather app can provide the critical information a driver needs to decide whether or not it’s time to pull over at the next rest stop. Such technology can be set up through a dedicated tablet attached to the dash in a position enabling drivers to quickly view doppler graphics without losing sight of the actual road in front of them.

OTR TV Antennae

Many long haul truckers have a hard time settling down when pulled over for a rest stop. Providing each truck with an over-the-road television antenna gives drivers the chance to unwind in a way similar to how they would back home. Combined with a modest-sized TV in the sleeper cab, such an add-on serves as a way to help drivers achieve a productive work-life balance on the road.

Mobile Wifi

Given its utility for a number of onboard accessories, mobile wireless internet is practically a requirement for today’s long haul trucks. In addition to its use during the operation of the vehicle, mobile Wifi is another way to give drivers a means to make the most of their downtime. Truckers can use this technology to keep in touch with their loved ones in ways which seem too good to be true, such as watching their daughter’s dance recital via live stream video despite being thousands of miles away.

If your business comes with a fleet of long haul trucks, it’s safe to say these vehicles are critical to the successful fulfillment of operations. Given this reality, it’s also safe to say it’s in your company’s best interest to fit their fleet vehicles with the onboard extras featured in this article.

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