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4 Things You Need to Do When Writing Is Your Business

4 Things You Need to Do When Writing Is Your Business

There are many authors out there who write as a hobby, then there are those who make writing and publishing their full-time career and hope to make a full-time income from it. Many authors think because they work from home, they don’t need to really make their writing a “business” so to speak. While that may be true in a sense, there are a few things that you should consider looking into when you’re a full-time writer, whether it’s freelance work or writing and publishing your own novels.

Retain a Lawyer for Legal Advice

While it may be just you in your business for quite some time, if you’re successful, there may come a time when you need some help. There are many designers, editors, and personal assistants that you might want to eventually add to your team. This is where it’s good to have the services of an experienced employment attorney available if you ever need them. Just because you never know what could happen and you want to be covered for everything and anything that could come up in your writing career.

Hire a Financial Consultant

If you’re doing this full-time from home and you live in Southern California, for example, then you’re going to need help from some reputable financial planning consultants San Diego residents swear by, just to make sure you’re prepared for the future. Being successful doesn’t mean just making your books popular and your name well-known, it means preparing for long-term financial success as well. Make sure you have the help you need planning and reaching your goals for the future.

Get an Accountant

When you work from home as a writer, you still have to pay those taxes at the end of the year and keep track of expenses related to your career. If you’re not good with math, then you’re going to need someone to help with that. Hiring a reputable accountant to take care of the numbers for you not only ensures that your financial books are in order, it also gives you the time to focus on what’s really important, writing your books and getting them out there for people to read, and there is nothing more important than that, don’t you think?

Invest in Your Future

Whether you’re a young author just starting out or a seasoned veteran with many published books under your belt, you need to invest in your future. One way to do that is in the form of stocks. There are many dividend investment options out there to choose from, just make sure talk to the professionals beforehand to ensure you’re investing in the ones that will work best for you. The right stocks can ensure your future just as well as a retirement fund can, if done the right way.

These are just a few of the things that you want to consider doing when you’re a full-time writer. Remember, writing is a business, so it’s important to treat it like one.

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