Matt Smith 


Audio Interview: Capitalizing on Kosher

Listen as Dean Rotbart, host of Monday Morning Radio, interviews Menachem Lubinsky, President and CEO of Lubicom Marketing Consulting in New York. Lubinsky is most noted for his expertise in the kosher food market, having founded Kosherfest, the world’s largest business to business trade show for the kosher industry. In this interview, Menachem talks about what kosher food … [Read more...]

Audio Interview with Michal Bohm of BM Windows in San Diego

Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart interviews Michal Bohm, owner of BM Windows, a window replacement company in San Diego with a business model that differs from most others in the industry. While many window replacement companies focus on high-pressure sales techniques, Michal has chosen a different approach that has allowed him to thrive in a competitive market. In the … [Read more...]

2014 Food Truck Design Award Winners Announced

In November we invited readers from around the country to nominate food trucks for our first Food Truck Design Awards (FTDA). And the readers delivered several nominations. In December we announced the 30 finalists eligible to win a Food Truck Design Award and opened the voting. Food Truck owners rallied their fans and followers through their websites and social media profiles … [Read more...]

Mission Statement Examples, Ideas and Inspiration

A study of corporate mission statements yields some interesting results. Most notably, that nobody really agrees what a mission statement is or should be. However there are some common themes that can be observed when looking at the mission statements of large companies throughout the country. Often, mission statements simply describe what it is that the company does. For … [Read more...]

Your Website Has Misspellings. And it Speaks to Your Professionalism.

There are so many things to consider when building a website. Is it programmed properly? Is it attractive? Is it secure? Does it say what I need it to say about my company? I could go on and on. You might be able to answer “yes” to all of these questions. But what about this one: Has your website been proofread? Our team at Modmacro includes copywriters and editors because … [Read more...]

Audio Interview with Roger Beaudoin, The Restaurant Rock Star

Roger Beaudoin, known as The Restaurant Rock Star, offers listeners in this interview his list of “Ten Common Habits of Ineffective Restaurant Service.” While his list was born out of his expertise is in the restaurant industry, his suggestions can be applied to almost any business looking to improve their service, and their overall business success. One example of the ten … [Read more...]

Votes Roll In for the Food Truck Design Awards

We announced the finalists of our 2014 Food Truck Design Awards a few days ago and the votes are streaming in! We’re pleasantly surprised with the immediate response and the level of engagement that many of the food truck owners have been able to produce. It says a lot about the quality of the food coming out of these rolling kitchens when their friends and fans show up in … [Read more...]

Audio Interview with Landon Ray, CEO of ONTRAPORT: Creating Profitable Cultures

In this interview, Landon Ray, Founder and CEO of ONTRAPORT talks about how to create a company culture that helps you attract and keep talented employees. His unique approach to business has given ONTRAPORT the reputation as a great place to work and has led to phenomenal business growth since the company’s founding in 2006. Landon discusses how he inspires employees and … [Read more...]

Respond to Email Quickly, But Don’t Trick Yourself

It’s important to respond quickly to emails from clients, vendors and partners. However, I’ve noticed lately that a few people are tricking themselves into thinking they have satisfied the original email’s request, when in fact they haven’t. As a result they drop the ball. I call this the “checking the box” syndrome. Here’s what happens: I send you an email asking for … [Read more...]

Giving Christmas Bonuses: 20 Questions to Consider

Call them Christmas bonuses, year-end bonuses, holiday bonuses, New Year bonuses, or whatever fits your culture. At our company, we call them Christmas bonuses. And this year, with a team that’s larger and more diverse than ever, here are the questions I considered when determining how to go about presenting bonuses to the team (not listed in any particular order). Should … [Read more...]