Matt Smith 


Audio Interview: Monetizing, a High-Value Domain

Host Dean Rotbart talks with Kyle Cox and Kristin Bustamante of, a new website dedicated to the Thanksgiving holiday. With the tagline “America’s Home for Giving Thanks,” Kyle and Kristin discuss their plan to turn into the go-to site for all things Thanksgiving by taking advantage of their highly valued, one-word domain name. Even though it is … [Read more...]

Businessing Magazine Partners with Monday Morning Radio for Audio Content

Businessing Magazine is pleased to announce a cross-promotional partnership with Monday Morning Radio, a popular podcast by award-winning business journalist Dean Rotbart and successful business owner David Biondo. In the newly-forged agreement, Businessing Magazine is now licensed to feature the interviews conducted on Monday Morning Radio on our site. So now, along with the … [Read more...]

Audio Interview with Steve Bordley, Inventor of TrekDesk

In this interview, Steve Bordley talks about the importance of avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and how even the busiest businesspeople can get moving using his invention, the TrekDesk. The TrekDesk is an affordable desk that attaches to almost any treadmill, allowing someone to walk as they work. In the interview, Steve also discusses how he built his business and turned the … [Read more...]

Pay Partners Instantly

That’s what we do at Modmacro, and our partners appreciate it. Sometimes I ask for work to be completed with a quick turnaround, and in response, it only seems fair that I pay for their work just as fast. After all, once they have completed the work, why should they have to wait to get paid? Likewise, I’m surprised when clients ask us to deliver on a tight timeline, but plan … [Read more...]

Texting Isn’t for Serious Business

You might disagree, but I think texting is for high schoolers. I never conduct business via text messaging. For one, it’s unreliable, but it can also be challenging to get a complete message across and within an appropriate context. If I have something important to communicate I will call. This ensures that the message was received, it allows me to be available for questions, … [Read more...]

Businessing Magazine Introduces Good Design Column

Businessing Magazine is pleased to announce the launch of a new column titled “Good Design.” Since a major part of advertising and marketing for businesses revolves around the design of things like logos, websites, print materials and signage, it is only fitting that we offer a column focused on this topic. Like everything published in Businessing Magazine, the column is … [Read more...]

Businessing Magazine Launches Simple Business Advice Column

If you’ve been reading Businessing Magazine for any length of time, you’ve come to expect helpful articles for small business owners, as well as articles featuring successful small business owners from which to draw inspiration. The magazine now includes a new feature - a regular column titled “Simple Business Advice.” As its title indicates, the column offers straightforward … [Read more...]

Do What You Say

It's so easy to say you'll do something in a meeting or on the phone. But very few people actually follow through. I understand that nobody's perfect, but why do so many people make a promise then moments later just completely drop the ball? Providing consistent follow through, even on the most basic of tasks, is a huge part of your brand. It's the difference between being … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Radio Interviews Businessing Magazine Editor, Matt Smith

Matt Smith, Editor of Businessing Magazine, recently had the opportunity to appear on the popular podcast Monday Morning Radio for an interview with co-host Dean Rotbart. In the interview, Matt discusses why he founded Businessing Magazine, how he came up with the name, and plans for the future of the magazine. He also discusses marketing in general, and content marketing … [Read more...]

Businessing Magazine Celebrates Rapid Growth with Early Adopters

Yesterday we announced that Businessing Magazine has reached an early milestone by exceeding 2,000 subscribers (read the official press release). We’re amazed at the response small business owners immediately had to the magazine. We know that the vast majority of businesses in the U.S. are “small”. In fact, about 75% of businesses are non-employers (businesses that have zero … [Read more...]