Matt Smith 


Small Businesses Continue to Dominate the Market. Define Small Business.

Which market? Well pretty much all of them. One look at the statistics and it’s clear that small businesses rule the marketplace. And you might be surprised at just how small most small businesses really are. According to The U.S Small Business Administration (, the number of small businesses in the United States has skyrocketed 49% since 1982, with approximately 23 … [Read more...]

A Hobby, a Job or a Company. Which One are You Building?

I’m always meeting new clients and lately I find myself classifying them into one of these categories. Why? Because it helps me to understand where they are in terms of their business, what type of investment makes sense for them to spend on our marketing services, and frankly, whether we should take them seriously. Be Realistic about Your Business The IRS classifies you as a … [Read more...]