Simple Business Advice

Advice is easy to come by, as just about everyone has an opinion. But simple, direct, actionable advice isn’t always as plentiful. Simple Business Advice offers readers focused recommendations that anyone can implement to improve day-to-day operations and grow their business.

What I Found When Looking for “Simple Business Advice”

As a freelance writer who specializes in health and wellness, personal development, and self-defense related content, I spend a majority of my day online searching for the latest research and most current information in these life improvement fields. The more up- to-date I can stay on my topics of expertise, the better I can help my clients grow their online presence, growing … [Read more...]

Get a Blood Test Before You Buy Life Insurance

Like many small business owners, I'm the primary bread-winner in my family. So I recently decided to purchase life insurance so my family would have one less thing to worry about if I die sooner than expected. Other than filling out the questionnaires, selecting the right policy amount and terms, and doing a few interviews, it seems that the rate you actually get is based … [Read more...]

Don’t Confuse Motion for Progress

My 2-year old likes to take her blocks out of the bag and stack them on the floor. Then when the bag is empty she reverses the process and carefully places each block back in the bag. Then she starts again. She sometimes keeps herself quite busy. And from a distance it looks like she’s accomplishing an important task. Have you met business owners like this? I have. They are … [Read more...]

Shop By Value, Not Price

Shopping by value involves a balanced approach that considers both what you're getting and what you're paying. It's common for me to ask prospective clients if they are shopping by price or by value. If they say price, I tell them we probably aren't a good fit. Why? For two distinct reasons. First, we simply aren't the least expensive marketing firm around. So if price is the … [Read more...]

Respond to Email Quickly, But Don’t Trick Yourself

It’s important to respond quickly to emails from clients, vendors and partners. However, I’ve noticed lately that a few people are tricking themselves into thinking they have satisfied the original email’s request, when in fact they haven’t. As a result they drop the ball. I call this the “checking the box” syndrome. Here’s what happens: I send you an email asking for … [Read more...]

Pay Partners Instantly

That’s what we do at Modmacro, and our partners appreciate it. Sometimes I ask for work to be completed with a quick turnaround, and in response, it only seems fair that I pay for their work just as fast. After all, once they have completed the work, why should they have to wait to get paid? Likewise, I’m surprised when clients ask us to deliver on a tight timeline, but plan … [Read more...]

Texting Isn’t for Serious Business

You might disagree, but I think texting is for high schoolers. I never conduct business via text messaging. For one, it’s unreliable, but it can also be challenging to get a complete message across and within an appropriate context. If I have something important to communicate I will call. This ensures that the message was received, it allows me to be available for questions, … [Read more...]

Do What You Say

It's so easy to say you'll do something in a meeting or on the phone. But very few people actually follow through. I understand that nobody's perfect, but why do so many people make a promise then moments later just completely drop the ball? Providing consistent follow through, even on the most basic of tasks, is a huge part of your brand. It's the difference between being … [Read more...]