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Don’t Confuse Motion for Progress

Don’t Confuse Motion for Progress

My 2-year old likes to take her blocks out of the bag and stack them on the floor. Then when the bag is empty she reverses the process and carefully places each block back in the bag. Then she starts again. She sometimes keeps herself quite busy. And from a distance it looks like she’s accomplishing an important task.

Have you met business owners like this? I have. They are always so busy, but never seem to actually get anything done. They talk a big game and they’re always busy doing something. But busy doesn’t mean productive. And motion doesn’t necessary indicate progress.

For some people, just being busy is enough. I’m not sure whether they simply want to appear productive to others, or if they actually think they’re getting things done. Either way, there’s a lot of time being wasted.

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by Matt Smith // Author of Kill the Noise, and CEO of Modmacro℠ an award-winning web design and marketing firm that partners with select small businesses and non-profits.

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