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Texting Isn’t for Serious Business

Texting Isn’t for Serious Business

You might disagree, but I think texting is for high schoolers. I never conduct business via text messaging. For one, it’s unreliable, but it can also be challenging to get a complete message across and within an appropriate context. If I have something important to communicate I will call. This ensures that the message was received, it allows me to be available for questions, and shows that I’m willing to take the time to connect. A text message does none of those.

Do you use texting for important communications in your business? Consider an old-fashioned phone call instead. It may take some time re-train people, but it will be worth it. You will be seen as more professional, and communication between you and the people with whom you do business will improve.

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by Matt Smith // Author of Kill the Noise, and CEO of Modmacro℠ an award-winning web design and marketing firm that partners with select small businesses and non-profits.

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