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5 Ways Time Away Can Benefit Your Business

5 Ways Time Away Can Benefit Your Business

Taking a vacation may seem like the most unproductive thing in the world, but in reality it can be one of the best things you ever did for yourself as well as your business.  It is no secret that taking time to unplug and recharge can improve your physical, mental, and emotional health.  Many do not realize however, that there can be excellent benefits to the business when you simply walk away for a short time.

Find Flaws in the System

A successful business should be able to run without you there.  You may think that it can, but the only way to find out if it will is to truly walk away and be as unavailable as possible.  When you do this, any glitches in the system, whether human or otherwise, will quickly come to light.  While there may be some temporary chaos, this is actually a good thing.  There is no way to repair a problem when you have no clue where it is.

Bring the Cream to the Top

The cream is the best part, and it always rises to the top.  Not only will stepping away allow flaws to be found, but it will get you out of the way so that the cream of the crop can make itself known.  You will be able to see who can and will step up to the plate.  Some will continue to work as always, and if they always work well it will be good to know that they will do their best whether you are physically present or not.  Others, however, will go above and beyond to ensure things run smoothly while you are away, and who it is may surprise you. You could discover an asset your never knew you had, and you never would have known had you not stepped away.

Think Clearly

Sometimes it is hard to see changes that need to be made because you are too close to things or too busy to think clearly.  If you do not ever slow down enough to process things, you could miss a lot as far as what is working and what isn’t.  Though you do not want to spend too much vacation time thinking about business, you definitely should allow yourself a little time to process and review how things are going and consider what may or may not be working.

Make Yourself a Better Owner/ Manager

All of that recharging, renewing, and relaxing you should be doing really can improve your ability to manage.  It will increase your ability to put things in perspective and help you to better see things from others’ point of view.

It may seem that the worst thing you could do for your business is walk away.  No one is asking you to disconnect completely or to take an extended vacation leaving your baby to the wolves.  There are definitely benefits however to leaving for a little while, and a little R&R is only one of them.

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by Faith Stewart // Wife, mom, and freelance writer that earned a BBA with a major in accounting and spent 10 years working in the field before pursuing her passion for helping small business owners and entrepreneurs through writing.

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