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Dream Vacations: Affordable Vacation Property Upgrades to Wow Your Tenants

Dream Vacations: Affordable Vacation Property Upgrades to Wow Your Tenants

As a vacation rental homeowner, there is nothing more important than keeping up with the trends and updating your vacation rental accordingly. Taking the time to maintain and improve your vacation rental property will not only attract more potential renters but will have them coming back year after year.

In addition, the more upgraded your vacation rental is, the more you can charge per week for vacationers to stay there. However, not all vacation rental upgrades have to be expensive renovations. There are plenty of simple things you can do to enhance your property without breaking the bank, giving your listing the best chance to attract renters.

You can turn your vacation rental property into a small business with the right improvements. So whether you just purchased your first vacation rental property or are an experienced vacation rental homeowner looking to attract more renters, here are the best ways you can upgrade your property.

Increase Your Curb Appeal

When it comes to vacation rental properties, you want your home to make a good first impression on your potential renters. The best way to do that is to improve your curb appeal. You can have the most beautiful interior inside your home, but if the outside is a mess, you will never attract consistent renters.

Luckily, boosting your curb appeal doesn’t have to break the bank. All you have to do is maintain the grass, update your landscaping, and make sure your home’s siding is free of dirt, debris, and chipped paint.

Make Sure Your Home Is Spotless

As a vacation rental owner, cleanliness is the key to providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your tenants. Between guests, it is essential to clean all of the sheets, linens, and blankets. It is also crucial to wash the floors, kitchen, and bathrooms.

If you do not feel like doing all the dirty work yourself, consider hiring a cleaning service to make sure everything is spotless before your next group of vacationers come to stay. While making sure everything is clean is not necessarily an upgrade, it can help boost the appeal of your home and create repeat renters.

Design with a Purpose

When people rent out vacation rentals, they expect to feel like they are living inside an existing home, even if it is just for a week. Therefore it is essential to have a concept of design inside your rental.

For instance, do not just use your vacation home for old, outdated furniture. Instead, make sure everything matches with a common theme to wow your guests and ensure a five-star rating. For example, if you own a beach rental, consider creating a beachy theme that matches all throughout the house. If you have a lake home, consider opting for an outdoorsy feel.

Spruce up the Bathroom

Another fantastic way to wow your traveling guests is to spruce up the bathroom. For example, consider turning your bathroom into a tiny spa. The best part is you don’t have to spend a ton of money renovating your bathroom. All you have to do is provide bubble bath essentials like Epsom salts, oils, bath lotions, and more.

In addition, add fluffy white towels, scented candles, complimentary robes, and dimmed lighting. Not only is this affordable, but it will make your guests feel welcomed and important.

Offer Free Wifi

As a guest, there is nothing worse than paying to stay in a vacation rental that charges you for the wifi. You never know if a guest’s phone service will work in a new area or not, so offering free wifi allows them to connect to their network without any problems.

Remember, you are not just a vacation rental owner. You are a host, so it is important to make sure your guests are as stress-free as possible.

Stay above the Competition

While simple, these tiny upgrades can help you stay above your competition and increase your occupancy rates. Implementing these changes will not just help you get five-star reviews but will attract more renters in the process.

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