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Everything You Need to Know before Choosing a Camper Rental

Everything You Need to Know before Choosing a Camper Rental

When you are organizing a road trip, perhaps you know that it’s important to have a campervan. These vans are popular because they provide you with comfort, flexibility, and fun while on the road, and they are specially designed to be suitable for camping trips, especially if you are going out with your family or friends.

Therefore, when considering going for a campervan road trip, it’s crucial to be prepared so that you have all the essential items in your vehicle. This article will discuss some of the things you need to do before choosing a camper rental.

Plan Ahead

Once you decide to hire a campervan for your trip, you should determine what kind of RV you want to get. On top of that, you will need to figure out the places you want to stay and what you would like to do along the way. Keep in mind that you need to plan your RV trip properly from start to finish to make sure that you get the most out of your camper rental. This means you should create a budget, plan how you will prepare meals, and make some plans on some specific activities.

Camper rentals usually have small spaces, so make sure that everyone who goes on the trip will be comfortable with this type of vacation. You can talk with friends and family who will accompany you on the trip and let them know your destinations and potential living conditions for the trip. If you do this, everyone will understand the plan and decide whether they will be comfortable or not with the details.

Choose the Right Campervan

Once you determine who is going on the trip, you can choose the right size campervan to rent. An adequate sleeping space and a space to lounge should be enough. Aside from this, you will also need enough space to bring along items you need such as food, bedding, and activites, and it should have the proper kitchen appliances so that you can make meals at the campground or RV park.

Your budget will play a key role in selecting the right campervan as well. With budgeting, you should make a process to analyze all the available options. The best way is to start creating a budget from the outset and adjust it as you make some decisions. You can check out this guide to make a well-informed decision.

Ideally, your budget shouldn’t consider the camper rental alone. Instead, you should budget for the extra fees, for the campground and park fees, gas, meals, and amenities. The rule of the thumb is to always budget for some miscellaneous expenses because you can’t know what will come up that may need spending while on the road.

Campervan Fees

While the cost of renting a camper van is a key consideration, you should also think about a couple of other costs. Most companies that provide campervans for rental require you to give a deposit upfront. You also need insurance for your vacation and depending on the destination or the duration of your trip, you may also encounter other additional fees.

Many campervan rental companies offer extra amenities at a cost, such as kitchenware, linens, and generators. But paying for some of these amenities like a generator can be cheaper if you pay upfront rather than doing it at a campground or RV park. That said, there are several types of campervan experiences out there. For first-time campervan renters, it makes sense to take the easiest way. This means staying at a fully accommodated campground or RV park that features a dump station, hook-ups, and on-site staff.

Research Campgrounds or RV Parks

When choosing a campground or an RV park, you should read previous customer reviews from people who had a similar trip to the one you are planning.

By doing this, you will find the reviews of people who went to the same places you’re considering, and you can read about their experiences. Also, you should make sure that you intend to stay at a place that has all the available features and functionality you desire during your trip.

Campgrounds and RV parks can also have additional fees and pricing that you need to consider in your budget. You can pay some of these fees upfront before you make the trip or once you arrive at the place. Most of these fees may include additional nights at RV park or campground, general rental, propane, or firewood.

You Should Be Comfortable Driving a Campervan

Remember that driving an RV can be different from driving a car. Therefore, make sure that you’re comfortable driving a campervan before you decide to rent one. Quite often, a camper rental company might allow you to test drive one or take one for a drive at their location. They do this to find out if you’re comfortable driving it before you rent one.

Here is the deal, it can be tricky to park a campervan at your destination. So, if you are having problems, you can ask for help from fellow campers or the park staff. There is no reason to be afraid of asking for help because campers are usually friendly.

RV hook-ups can also be confusing to many people. Fortunately, they are not as difficult as you might think because you just need to read the campervan manufacturer’s manual that comes with it. You can also ask the dealership to tell you how you can hook up to electric, water, and sewage. However, if you’re not sure, once you arrive at the campground or RV park, you can ask for help from the park staff or those around you. In such cases, you should not connect to the hook-ups because you can blow out the electrical system of the campervan or even cause some waterline problems for the rig.

No doubt, renting a camper van is one of the best ways to find out if RV camping is the best vacation for you and your family. It can give you a great opportunity to experience day-to-day life and adventure while on vacation. You can’t find this type of experience with other forms of trips.

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