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Business Giving Back: A Guide to Incentivizing Your Employees

Business Giving Back: A Guide to Incentivizing Your Employees

Have you ever bribed or used a form of encouragement as a means to get your kids into doing a chore, or used a reward as a means to motivate yourself? From wanting to work out to fit that outfit, to encouraging your kids to do their household tasks – everyone becomes a little bit more up for the job when there is a small gain for them. It also comes down to us wanting to be liked, appreciated, and to see that what we do matters. So, what are some of the best motivational tools you can use to get the best out of your workers?

A Luxurious Lunch

When trying to get to know and build relationships with clients, you often spend time discussing the matter over some coffee or having a meal, so why not get to know your employees in the same way? There are businesses who specialize in corporate catering in Melbourne, offering delectable food for any occasion which can bring a happy change of routine to your employees’ regular lunch.

The incentive of the boss paying for food can be a big drawcard to making the members of your team feel appreciated. It can also help you build on relationships and come to understand your employees better, by reaffirming what drew them to the company and learning what new ideas they may have to share.

Cash Bonus

There is no doubt that, provided the company’s budget can allow for it, the main incentive that will still appease many hard workers is a little extra money in their wallet. This can be an appreciated gesture for those on the team who go above and beyond, especially if they don’t often receive attention for their efforts. Through this kind of acknowledgement, money goes to someone who doesn’t feel entitled, and it isn’t expected everywhere in the office. It can also motivate your other employees in the process.

New Experiences Can Help Build Teams

Another way to show your employees that you appreciate them is to find out their passions or what they’ve always wanted to do and build a team experience around it. Whether it’s river rafting or the logic of an escape room, these experiences can not only be a fun getaway from the office but a means of bringing the team’s use of logic into the workplace.

Help One’s Health not Feel the Grind

Many understand how one’s body can feel when doing a desk job. The strain of sore neck and shoulders and sitting for long periods certainly doesn’t do one good in the long term. Therefore, to break the routine, why not offer your employees the opportunity to take on-site fitness classes? This perk also has the potential to keep your workers healthier, therefore limiting the amount of absenteeism and sick leave used.

A Day at the Spa

Give your worker a gift certificate for a spa retreat day, and watch them as they return to work feeling more relaxed. They deserve the pampering after putting in the hard work, so maybe even consider bringing the spa to them with some office massages.

When it comes to giving your employees a means of motivation, there are ways to make them feel appreciated, but the best ways are by doing something that comes from the heart. Instead of the conventional e-mail, go old hat and leave a handwritten note on their desk, even better – do it when they’re not around. Watch their reaction to a simple, “Thank you for all that you do.” It may make the day that little bit better for the both of you.

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by Lottie Pritchard // Lottie Pritchard is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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