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How to Encourage Staff Back into the Office

How to Encourage Staff Back into the Office

Many businesses are now starting to open back up again and are encouraging staff to come into the office, but there are some businesses that are finding it hard to encourage staff back into the office, so it is important that you recognize the concerns of your staff. Here are a few ways that you can encourage staff back into the office.

Flexible Working

First, it is a good idea to offer flexible working. This could mean allowing people to work from home four days of the week and coming in just one day to start with or offering people the chance to start later than normal, which could help them feel safer using public transport. Giving your staff a choice will prove to them that you trust them and value them as employees which will go a long way in earning their respect

Update Them on New Measures

Many people are anxious about returning to the office because the threat of the virus still exists. It is understandable that people will be concerned, so updating them on what steps have been taken to make the building COVID secure is important and ensures that people will know what to expect from the start. Also ensuring there is safety equipment easily available is vital. Having hand sanitizer around the office and the building along with face masks and anything else they could want will show your staff that you’re willing to help and that you put their safety first.


In addition to updating them on new measures, you should encourage people to get in touch with you before coming back to the office. This allows them to ask questions, express any concerns that they have, and generally allows you to build up trust before welcoming people back. Good communication is vital in challenging times like this, so you need to make yourself available to your team.

Offer Financial Assistance

You might also find that people now have financial worries in addition to health concerns because working from home has saved them a huge amount on travel costs. Offering to pay for their train tickets could make a big difference and you can make savings by booking at places like Grand Central Rail. If people have been furloughed or have partners that may have lost their jobs then giving up extras such as cars may have been something they had to do. Being willing to go the extra mile to make your employees feel safe and respected will help.

Be Positive

You do not want employees to feel like they are being forced back into the office, particularly if remote working has been successful. This is why a flexible approach is good at least initially. It is imperative that you communicate what the benefits of returning to the office will be, all while also being willing to let people work remotely if they do not feel safe coming into work. You do not want a division between employers and employees here, so instead you need to be positive, flexible, and willing to listen.

These tips should help you to encourage people back into the office and hopefully help everyone feel safe.

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