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5 Tips to Manage Employees in Business

5 Tips to Manage Employees in Business

No business can become profitable without a well-planned management. This applies to both small local shops and big online companies such as BetChan or Netflix. Managing employees is the hardest and most essential thing. To achieve great results in this process, follow these rules.

Results Matter

The process of operational planning consists of several phases: defining the goal, describing the strategy to achieve this goal, making a list of specific actions with responsibilities, and deadlines. The manager’s responsibility is to organize the process and get feedback from the employees: how the planned actions affect the achievement of the result, where difficulties arise, and what these difficulties are related to.

This approach is described in all management books and it has many implications for all areas of company life:

  • Outcome bonuses
  • Finding new ways to achieve results
  • Sharing experiences when trying to achieve a result
  • Moral support on the arduous road to achievement
  • Analysis of mistakes and difficulties on the way to the result
  • Implementation of the changes made on the basis of the analysis of mistakes and difficulties

If you perceive the planning process as a way rather than a goal, a lot of things become easier and clearer.

KPIs Are Possible in any Position

KPI is a system of performance evaluation of an employee. If the KPIs are met, the employee is working well. If KPIs are not met, the employee is performing poorly, but this does not mean that the employee should be fired immediately. If KPIs are exceeded, it means that either the employee worked very well, or you made a mistake when planning.

And how do you reward employees who do not affect the sales process (secretaries, accountants, assistants, etc.)? KPIs should be related not only to the material side (turnover, revenue, average check), but also to satisfaction. The principle is simple. Bonuses are paid if customers are satisfied with the employee.

Be Predictable

The more transparent and clear your behavior and criteria for making decisions, the more chances that you will get exactly what you expect. Remember that communication is a two-way process. If you take responsibility for the success of the negotiation, you can influence it.

The leader of the company is the example that all employees look up to. If the supervisor follows the rules, employees will be more sympathetic to regulations and ordinances. If the manager does one thing, says another, and writes another, employees will not take his statements seriously.

Standardization and Delegation Allow You to Relax

If the process is described in detail, any competent employee will be able to replicate it. Gradually the manager will be able to take off simple tasks, leaving them to focus on the functions of planning, control, and training.

It is not worth getting completely off the ground. It’s worth limiting turnover by periodically checking the quality of standard processes.

Demonstrate the Authors of Good Ideas

Generating ideas is not an easy process. If the idea the employee comes up with is useful, you should praise the employee.

Demonstrating authorship proves to the author and to others that it’s great to come up with new ideas. We all feel good when our achievements are noticed by others. All the more so when those achievements are noticed by our superiors.

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by Lottie Pritchard // Lottie Pritchard is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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