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The World’s Most Influential Female Entrepreneurs: An Infographic

The World’s Most Influential Female Entrepreneurs: An Infographic

Traditionally, business ownership would have been regarded in many quarters as a men’s game, but with gender stereotypes disappearing with the passage of time, we now live in a world where female entrepreneurs are plentiful. Some of these women have succeeded in becoming globally-recognized names who have earned vast wealth from their business ventures.

In the infographic below from All Finance Tax, you can read the stories of nine women who have become massively influential figures due to their success in the corporate world. Some of the names are instantly recognizable, such as author JK Rowling and popstar Beyoncé Knowles. Others may not quite roll off the tongue so easily but are no less deserving of their inclusion in any conversations about innovative, inspirational female business leaders.

What’s clear from reading the infographic is that there is no set template for achieving corporate success. While some have gone down the traditional route of setting up a company from scratch with minimal expense, others have earned fame through differing walks of life before branching into corporate affairs and using their existing status to wield influence. One thing all these women have in common, though, is an insatiable desire to be the best they can be and to stop at nothing to ensure that their business dreams become a reality. Even mega-wealthy global stars like Beyoncé are not content to rest on their laurels and self-indulge in their wealth; they strive for even greater heights.

Take a look at the infographic below to read more about the world’s most inspirational businesswomen, people who spur on female entrepreneurs everywhere to reach for the stars.

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