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How to Offer Profitable Free Shipping: An Infographic

How to Offer Profitable Free Shipping: An Infographic

If you ever shopped online, you may be familiar with this scenario: you find the product you like for the price you want to pay, go through the checkout process, but then gasp when you find out that you have to pay $10 for shipping. Do you follow through with the purchase, or are you like the 58% of shoppers who abandon the cart after seeing high shipping costs?

As an e-commerce business, you struggle with the challenge of free shipping. Free shipping has plenty of benefits – it improves conversion rates, increases order sizes, and encourages shoppers to complete their purchase. At the same time, free shipping is costly and requires you to shoulder the costs.

Is it possible to offer free shipping (and enjoy its benefits) without hurting your bottom line?

The answer is yes! There are tried-and-tested tactics you can use to balance out the expenses of free shipping, most of which involve adding conditions to maximize profits. The parameters of these conditions will depend on factors such as your margins, product types, and audience. To find out which one works for you, check out this infographic from Red Stag Fulfillment for 22 data-backed tips.

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