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Tips for Marketing Your Construction Business

Tips for Marketing Your Construction Business

Everybody understands the importance of promoting a business, but not everyone is gifted at finding ways to extend their clientele reach. It can be particularly difficult to market a construction company or contractor as new and exciting. Here are a few simple steps to get your construction business noticed.

Set a Budget

When planning a marketing campaign, it’s important to carefully prepare your spending. Creating a budget is a proactive way to keep track of spending and set realistic goals.

Get your team together and draft up a rough budget first, detailing which tactics are the most spend-worthy and prioritizing those strategies. This will allow your money to go towards what will most likely allow you to achieve your goal.

With your marketing team, overestimate how much things will cost. This way you’re more likely to have some room leftover in your budget.

Have a Specialty

In each city, there are several contractors, so it’s important to stand out from the rest. Consumers are always looking for the absolute best option, and a big part of this is searching for qualities specific to that company.

Is your company the most efficient? Is your team the friendliest and easiest to work with? Are your projects known for having a particular look or brand?

Let the customers know what is special about your business and tie that into your logo, tagline, or website description. However, you always have to make sure what you’re selling is true: If you say you’re the friendliest contractor, you really have to hold your end of the bargain.

Use Social Media

Don’t be one of those people that resists social media – it’s only there to help you promote your business! You can still run your ad in the newspaper or promote via billboard or TV commercial, but also learn about social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. This is where a lot of people spend their time, and it’s an opportunity for a user to scroll past your business on a day they’re desperately trying to find a quality contractor.

Potential customers will always check your website and previous reviews to make sure they’re making the right choice, so make sure your sites are professional and visually appealing. Use social media as an opportunity to connect with people across all generations, drive traffic to your website, and expand your clientele!

Focus on Your Company’s SEO

Many business owners ignore the importance of using Search Engine Optimization to increase online traffic to their website. Leaving room in the budget for an SEO specialist will inevitably increase the likelihood that your site will appear on a search engine such as Google or Yahoo when someone is looking for a contractor.

Always seek an industry professional for help. If you try this on your own, you run the risk of misusing search engine algorithms and making crippling marketing mistakes that could potentially harm your business.

Put a Face to Your Brand

Customers always connect better with businesses that feel personal. A great way to accomplish this is by hiring someone to represent your company. This could be you, an employee, or an actor who speaks directly to customers through your ad campaign. If the person is charismatic, they will make your business stand out and give people an image to remember your business by. Make this person friendly and have relatable qualities so that people feel more connected to your product.

Using all these tactics will help build a following for your business and make you seem professional, contemporary, and accessible. If you’re a brand-new company or recently moved to a new area, make sure that you’re up to date with that state’s regulations and laws before promoting your business. For example, contractors in Virginia can check out DPOR in Virginia for information on getting licensed.  Otherwise, you’re ready to begin a successful campaign that makes your business stand out!

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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