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How a Graphic Design Agency Can Save You Money

How a Graphic Design Agency Can Save You Money

Having a dedicated group in your business to handle all of your graphic design needs is a pretty good idea. After all, most of your marketing and advertising needs and collaterals would be based on the graphics, photos, and designs your designers would create. You might think that hiring an art director with your team of graphic designers would cost less than getting an outsourced graphic design agency, but that is not always the case. In fact, when you think about it, you would be able to save not only money when you opt to outsource, but as well as time and energy. Not to mention that you would not have to compromise inconsistency in your materials should you employee your own people. If you are not yet convinced that hiring a graphic design agency for all of your marketing needs is a better option than employing a whole team from scratch, then these reasons might just change your mind.

A Graphic Design Agency Would Cost You Less

When you hire your own employees, you would need around a minimum of 2 people to handle all of your graphic needs if you want to really build your business. It is important to have an art director, and someone to help him or her with all of the designing. This holds true if you still have a small business, but if you already have a larger company, you would require more people of course. When you have your own employees, they would have salaries and possibly benefits. You’ll also be paying for things like payroll taxes, workers compensation insurance, and any equipment they would need to do their job effectively. With a graphic design agency, you would not have to worry about any of this. All you have to do is start a contract with your desired agency, and you are good to go. You would not have to worry about employees coming and going and all of the expenses related to it!

You Would Not Have to Worry About Consistency

With hiring your own team of employees, you could compromise the consistency of your materials, therefore also compromising the consistency of the brand identity you are communicating to your audience. Each designer has his or her own style, preference, and specialization. Should one of the members of your team resign, and you replace him or her with a new employee, you would have a different person with a different set of skills and style from your previous employee. You risk of having inconsistent materials, especially if the person has not yet been introduced to your brand identity. With a graphic design agency, you would build a consistent identity for your brand hand in hand with agency. Templates and decks to showcase who your brand exactly is will be established so that the identity you are communicating with your audience will always be consistent.

Quality Will Never Be Compromised

It is not always that people give their 100% at work, most especially if they have not been having such a good day to begin with. Because of this, the quality of their output could easily be affected. When this happens, it is either you just go with a poorly made graphic because of time constraints or you would have to spend more time, with expense consequences, just so you would have a quality graphic for your marketing needs. This would never happen with graphic design agencies because your success is the success of the agency. An agency art director would never put out low quality work because it would easily reflect the agency itself, and an agency’s reputation is what they build their business on.

Timely Output for Each Project

If you have in-house graphic designers, you would always undergo the rush of beating deadlines especially for seasonal promotions. This would hold true most especially if you only have a limited number of people on your team, but you have a wide range of expansion plans, branches, and marketing projects on your calendar. With graphic design agencies, you would not have to go through buzzer beater deadlines because all of your materials for each project would be submitted to you in a timely manner. Not to mention that when the materials will be submitted to you, you would still of course have enough time to give out your comments and maybe even have possible revisions done if you are not yet satisfied with the artwork.

More Than Just Saving on Salaries

At the end of the day, you would not only save on salaries and benefits expenses if you opt to hire your very own graphic design agency. But you would also be able to save on so many more miscellaneous expenses because of the time and energy you would not have to lose that is related to hiring your own team. Not to mention the headaches you would not need to have because you would not have to think about your own employees at all.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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