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Slot Machine Cheats That Work

Slot Machine Cheats That Work

Any slot machine will have the same function as the next. A bet is placed, a spin is initiated, and the internal computer chip determines in a random fashion whether the player wins or not.

A Random Number Generator will run through thousands upon thousands of number combinations and will stop the moment the player hits the stop button. Random Number Generators are always tested and certified by a third party agency to protect the casinos and all your favourite slots to ensure that they are not rigged and that they remain fair and reliable.

There are low tech ways to “cheat” the system, but they boil down to strategies and knowing the machine you are playing. Often players may talk about games being hot or cold, but ultimately the machines run on Random Number Generators and therefore cannot be fixed.

An easy “cheat” or strategy is to take advantage of a no deposit bonus code. Play a slot that allows spins for free, as the more spins the you make the more chances you have of winning. Players should look for bonuses with low wagering requirements and no maximum cash limits. Rather than players playing the actual slot, they can play the casino and a “cheat” is easier as many offer incentives to win to entice players.

Find what is known as a loose online slot machine. If a player has played a machine for some time with no win, they walk away. Slot machines vary on how often they pay out and casinos do strategically place the slots that pay out the most away from the entrance to the casino as well as away from other machines that pay out frequently. Also, think about where the slot machine is. When arriving in Las Vegas there are slot machines in the baggage hall. These machines are designed for the player who will try them quickly while waiting for their luggage but will spend no time persevering. Likewise, any area that has a lot of foot traffic and people coming and going such as hotel reception areas, airports, and restaurants will never have slot machines that are so easy to win.

Fixed and progressive jackpots are another hot topic when it comes to trying to “cheat” a slot machine. A fixed jackpot will have a limit on what it will pay out therefore players can be seen to be a little restricted in what they can win, however, a fixed jackpot slot will pay out more regularly than a progressive slot. A progressive slot will eventually pay out and this is where players can make their millions, however, it is easy to get carried away with the bright lights and the attractive winning figure flashing at the players encouraging them to keep going. A progressive slot will eventually pay out but there is no guarantee as to when.

Remember though, players can feed as many coins into a slot as they want, but it will not increase their chances of winning.

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