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Enhance Your Business Marketing with Twitter Trends

Enhance Your Business Marketing with Twitter Trends

According to, 71 percent of their users check Twitter to update themselves with the news.  This indicates that to run a prosperous business, businesses should know the importance of tracking Twitter trends, or Trending Hashtags Twitter.  This will help keep your business stay afloat by establishing a better understanding of your followers.

According to the 2018 Sprout Index, approximately 19 percent of consumers have sent a message to a brand on Twitter. Twitter is a convenient platform for communication between a customer and a company.

Additionally, trending hashtags, present on the left side of a Twitter feed, make it easier to track the demands of an audience. Thereby making it easier for you to figure out what exactly your audience is interested in and looking for from your brand.

Use Trending Hashtags Wisely to Boost your Business Marketing

Even though hashtags increase your engagement and are useful for your brand, that doesn’t mean you chase after every trending hashtag even the irrelevant ones. Rather, this platform gives you easy access to track present and, more importantly, significant trends on an hourly or daily basis.

Strategies to Enhance your Business Marketing Through Twitter Trends

Six thousand tweets are generated each second, according to, while only a few tweets that brands post daily are deemed organic or authentic. This means that your company’s tweets are less likely to be seen by the public. The best way to attract traffic to your page and increase engagement with your tweets is to use keywords strategically.

Here are a few strategies which you can apply to your business by using accurate Twitter trends.

Examine the Scenario Around You

Study ongoing trends and then choose ones that you can ethically speak about and are appropriate for your business. Make sure not to advertise your business directly or dive on a current trend that is irrelevant to your brand. Being aware of the “culture” of Twitter is essential to developing a marketing strategy using this platform.

Enlighten your Followers by Providing them with Informative Information

It’s a good practice not to involve your company in any disputable topics on Twitter. However, you can offer your followers coupons, fun-facts, freebies, new information about your company with high-quality or professional images to gain more attention.

Use Hashtags in a Timely Manner

Upon finding a particular trend that fits perfectly to your company’s niche, cling on to this subject matter for a day. Avoid dragging on the use of these hashtags when they are no longer a crowd-pleaser.  People will become tired if you keep trying the same keywords or phrases.

Become an Expert in Twitter Chat

If a customer should initiate a conversation through Twitter, you should have the expertise to dive into a conversation about the topic that is trending and keep up the pace. These conversations are swift and could be the defining moment for this customer’s impression of your brand. Having quick responses and knowing what you are talking about will improve your credibility.

Keep a Close Watch on your Outcomes

After creating quality tweets for the latest trends, you can use free services like Twitter’s Free Analytics Tool to visualize how well your marketing tactics are. This will help you gauge where and when you are making the most impact with your tweets.

Invest in Advertising

There is a 50 percent rise in ad engagements yearly, according to However, ads on Twitter can be a bit pricey, but they will amplify your brand’s engagement markedly. Twitter ads are helpful when you don’t have a lot of followers. So, if you are just starting off on Twitter, don’t hesitate when it comes to taking help from advertising.

Invite a Third-Party

According to the estimates of COO (Chief Operating Officer) Anthony Noto and Twitter CFO (Chief Financial Officer), 1.6 billion people see Twitter tweets through third-party channels per month.

These third-party platforms monitor everything closely, organize, and store all the latest trending subjects. They eliminate all the junk so you can be focused on what people are conversing about lately.

Encourage Re-tweeting

As stated by, 40 percent of Twitter’s user-base say that an influencer’s tweet has influenced their purchase of a product from a specific company. In addition to this, re-tweeting is a great way to share your message. It will spread your information like wildfire. So, make sure to encourage influencers with large follower-base to retweet your tweets.


Using Twitter trends for your marketing business can be a powerful tool when targeting consumers online. It also provides you with an opportunity to make your tweets viral by using correct strategies and using trending and eye-catching hashtags.

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