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Seattle Is Best for Retirees – Reasons to Hire a Local Mortgage Company for Home Buying

Seattle Is Best for Retirees – Reasons to Hire a Local Mortgage Company for Home Buying

Retirees desire to spend their remaining life in a safe place with easy access to reliable healthcare, especially in this Coronavirus situation. An ideal city needs to have good weather and exciting ways of spending leisure time. According to a survey, Seattle did not rank on top of the list of best cities for retirees because its rent and housing costs are high. On the other end of the spectrum, it got a favorable ranking because of a healthy environment, quality of life, and activities.

Seattle, or Emerald City, has a natural environment that retirees can benefit from. Looking at nature and its greenery can:

  • Induce pleasant feelings.
  • Reduce worries, anger, heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and stress levels.
  • Contribute to mental and physical well-being.
  • Enhance your concentration and focus.
  • Be more helpful to the community.
  • Make you become friendlier.
  • Strengthen the feeling of union with their neighbors.


Living alone does not mean social isolation, but as there will be no interaction inside the house retirees find it hard to find companionship outside. Staying active socially adds to their happiness and slows down their cognitive decline. In the green, natural environment, retirees can foster good relationships and keep themselves active. If you are considering a move, then check the local Seattle mortgage company called Sammamish.

In Seattle, you can also get affordable public transit systems like Seattle Streetcar, Link Light Rail, Seattle Center Monorail, and Metro Transit. With these options, you get the chance to explore the city and access necessary health services with ease.

Why Choose a Local Mortgage Company?

Here are a few steps that you should take to help decide whether you need a mortgage company and how you should choose one if you do.

  • Meet the lender face-to-face and clear your doubts. If a bank is used, then it is hard to get answers face-to-face because there will be phone or email exchanges.
  • There is plenty of paperwork that changes hands during a mortgage transaction and home buying process. Besides documents from the escrow and mortgage company, borrowers need to submit many documents regarding their income, debts, and assets. Hand delivery of documents is a time saver in comparison to mail, fax, or FedEx.
  • Using a local mortgage company, you get a chance to close the transaction efficiently. There are few snags in the buying process when you work locally.
  • You have access to real estate professionals with ease as the local mortgage agent works closely with the title companies, escrow, and estate agents.
  • Locally owned small companies understand the conditions of the local real estate sector better than the huge banks. You are only a customer for the bank, but for local mortgage companies every customer gets prioritized, so they offer an efficient loan experience.
  • You get a personalized experience with local mortgage lenders when compared to big financial institutions.
  • You can even avoid uncertainties working with the local lender. There is no need to stay on hold at the customer service line and wait for days.

Seattle’s real estate sector is busy and hiring a local mortgage firm is helpful. If you are retiring and want to settle in a new home in this Emerald City, then get in touch with Sammamish Mortgage Company.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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