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Smart Career Choices if You Want to Be Your Own Boss

Smart Career Choices if You Want to Be Your Own Boss

Being your own boss definitely has its perks. It allows its practitioners to set their own schedules, have more control over their income, and have more control over the kind of work they take on. No one tells them what to do, where to go, what to wear, etc.

Being your own boss allows people to have more freedom, but it also tends to require more discipline, motivation, and effort. Managing your own career is not for everyone but if you think you may have what it takes then the following career paths may be good places for you to start running your own lucrative business.

1. Contractor

If you enjoy working with your hands, building, and/or manual labor then contracting may be the perfect fit for you. Contractors are able to pick what projects they work on as well as their schedule on a case by case basis. In many states, licenses are required but they are not remarkably hard to obtain. More information about contracting licenses as well as some helpful resources can be found at

2. Real Estate Agent

Becoming a real estate agent is a great choice for people who love interacting with others, selling, and closing a deal. Real estate agents can also make a significant profit if they are good at it. This path also requires some licensing that can usually be obtained fairly easily. Real estate agents have the satisfaction of improving people’s lives by helping them find the homes of their dreams.

3. Blogger

Blogging is a rather new trend that is gaining immense popularity. What is amazing about this form of obtaining income is that practitioners can tailor their blog toward their expertise and interests. Successful blogs can be written about anything and everything. The key is for bloggers to find their niche of helpful information they are willing to share and to find readers who are investing in what the bloggers have to say. It may take some time to develop a following but many bloggers love the flexibility that blogging provides.

4. Musician

If you have musical skills, then you may want to consider making an income from it. Musicians who can regularly book gigs can make a substantial amount of money. Some instruments such as guitar, piano, and violin may be a bit more viable but even people who play the harp have found success. There are many different gigs that musicians can work including weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and birthday parties. Working as a musician allows people to pick and choose where and when they work and usually gigs don’t last longer than a few hours.

5. Event Planning

If you love organizing things, helping people, and problem-solving then event planning and promotion may be a wonderfully stimulating career path for you. Events happen all the time for so many different occasions, but nowadays people are so busy that they don’t have time to put everything together themselves: that’s where you come in. Event planners organize everything from food to entertainment to decorations. Like many of the other careers in this list, event planners can choose who they work with and they can take whatever projects interest them.

Being your own boss can be wonderfully rewarding. You won’t have to listen to anyone telling you what to do or when to work, but you will have more pressure to develop a reputation and gain clients on your own. The above list is just a small list of the plethora of different options that entrepreneurs can take in their quest to earn money on their own in a field they are passionate about.

Hopefully, if you have been on the fence about exploring a career in which you make all the rules this list will help you to see the vast number of opportunities that exist when you take matters into your own hands.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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