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13 Psychological Pricing Hacks Your Business Needs: An Infographic

13 Psychological Pricing Hacks Your Business Needs: An Infographic

If you’re in charge of running a business or startup, it’s smart to take time to think about how you should set a price. If you do it right, you might even see an increase in sales and profit.

However, setting the right number for a price isn’t the only thing you have to account for. When considering buyer psychology, you need to carefully choose how you portray the price.

Should the price be displayed on the left or right of your product? How many different buying options should you have for your customers? Graphics and images, especially online, are just as important. How should you incorporate visuals with your prices? Paying close attention to these details can all help improve how you’re able to sell.

You might be surprised about how a simple adjustment to your pricing strategies can draw more consumers in. While it may be difficult to judge what the perfect price should be, the right pricing strategies can help you boost conversion rates, drive sales, and increase revenue.

Below, this infographic from Wikibuy will introduce you to thirteen psychological pricing secrets.

These are some of the best tips and tricks key to help boost your sales. Next time you’re shopping, you may even notice these.

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