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4 Best Online Sites for Posting Job Ads

4 Best Online Sites for Posting Job Ads

Hiring the best employee possible for your small business is a process. And it is one that generally starts with posting the open position where it is most likely to be found by the one person who will meet (or even exceed) your required qualifications and requirements.

Of course, posting the job in local newspapers and even hanging a “Help Wanted” sign on your door is an option. But if you’re looking for a very specific person or want to open the search to people who aren’t necessarily currently in your geographical region or don’t subscribe to the local publications, or your business isn’t one that is normally frequented by customers (think manufacturing), then online job sites are often the way to go.

Which are the best ones? Depending on your company and your employee-related needs, as well as your budget, there are four to consider.


Indeed was ranked number one in The Top 3 Job Search Engines on and for good reason. Indeed pulls from a number of different job sites, making it one of the top ones that people who are looking for work either routinely check or set up alerts to receive relevant job openings. And with “over 180 million unique visitors every month from over 50 different countries,” you’re sure to find the perfect person for your small business opening.

To set up the job listing, you simply enter your company, the job title and description, and required education and experience. You can even choose to post the salary if you’d like the applicant to know up front what you are willing to pay. As far as what they charge for this service, Indeed has a pay-per-click system (generally costing somewhere between $0.25 and $1.50 per click) in which you set your spending parameters so you control the cost.


Another great place to post an open position is CareerBuilder. With over 24 million unique visitors monthly, you’re reaching fewer potential candidates than Indeed, but 24 million is still a pretty respectable pool. One of their other top selling points is that they work with “92% of the Fortune 1000.” So, if bigger companies use and trust them, you likely can too.

Although it isn’t free to post on CareerBuilder either, if you own a company that has a lot of open positions, you’ll save more. For instance, it currently costs $419 to post one job on their site, but if you have 50 jobs that you are posting and hoping to fill, that rate is more than cut in half at $176 per post, a 58% savings per job listing. Additionally, you also have access to a review of your post by the site, which means that you can potentially receive valuable suggestions as to how to make you listing more effective at drawing in the type of applicant you want most.


According to Stastica, there are 364 million LinkedIn users as of the first quarter of 2015, up from just 37 million in the same quarter just 6 short years ago. That makes this online site one of the best when it comes to finding qualified applicants for your open position. Plus, you can easily click on the person’s profile and see all of their experiences, education, and accomplishments—even ones that may not be listed on their application or resume.

As with CareerBuilder, you’re going to pay a fee for a 30-day post, the amount of which appears to be dependent on the geographical area of your small business. But they also offer “10 Applicants Guaranteed” which means that you are guaranteed at least 10 applicants or your money back. Conditions do apply, of course, so you’ll want to check those out first to make sure you understand what you can expect when using this particular job search site.


Monster boasts that every 60 seconds their website is being searched for jobs almost 8,000 times. This is good news to a potential employer who wants to be found by the “perfect” applicant in a relatively short amount of time. Some of the most popular job categories on this site include courier and delivery jobs, medical and dental assistants, electricians, paralegals, pharmacists and pharmacy techs, receptionists, and security. Therefore, if you’re in one of these fields, this may be the job search site for you.

Monster charges as well, currently just under $400 for one post. However, it also offers a discounted rate when you purchase more listings at one time. Additionally, you get to choose if you want to buy a 30 or 60-day job post, which isn’t necessarily an upfront option on some of the other sites available.

All four of these sites can help better connect you with your next new hire. If you’ve used any of them, I’d love to hear your thoughts, as would other small business owners considering which ones to use next time they have a job opening, so feel free to share them below!

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