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Your Ultimate Superhero Workforce: An Infographic

Your Ultimate Superhero Workforce: An Infographic

If you are a superhero fan, or at least know about the legendary characters, then you are in for a treat. This infographic has been created by warehouse management system specialists, who know just what it takes to produce an efficient workspace. If you work in a streamlined operation, then this infographic is a fun way to explore what superhero you would be, depending on your particular role.

The infographic starts with the most obvious job allocation – the Hulk. Hulk is known for his tremendous strength and giant muscles. No weight is too heavy for him, which is why hiring Hulk to replace a fork lift is the option that makes the most sense. Say goodbye to any machines and hello to your new big green colleague! Do you have a gym-obsessed co-worker that could take on the challenge? It’s safe to say that you would never have to risk hurting yourself again by lifting heavy objects.

Moving up the ladder, literally, would be Rocket and Groot acting as cherry pickers. With the height and strength of Groot and problem solving abilities of Rocket, these two are the perfect duo for selecting the right products and paying solid attention to detail. To accompany this, Spiderman’s skills would be perfect for box packaging, thanks to his fancy acrobatics and web-making capabilities.

Of course, no one appreciates ant-infestations, but this is one that you could probably let slide. Ant Man is the perfect suspect to be in charge of quality control. His ability to shrink down means he can spot anything that may be out of place and act quickly. Just be sure to watch where you step!

With so many job profiles listed on this infographic, the chances of coming across your job role are pretty high. Now, if only superheroes were real and could complete all our tedious tasks for us…

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