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A Book for Every Business Owner: An Interview with Julie Anne Eason

A Book for Every Business Owner: An Interview with Julie Anne Eason

Julie Anne Eason, a professional writer and writing coach, talks with host Dean Rotbart about how and why every business owner can (and should) become a published author. Through her Business Book Writing Lab, she helps business owners in all industries write their book, market it, and build their businesses in the process.

When talking about why a business owner should write a book, she says they shouldn’t do it to sell a lot of copies or make a lot of money on sales, but to consider the back-end profits. She suggests that business owners use a book like a store uses a “loss leader”—to get people in the door so they can see all of the products or services they offer.

Julie Anne Eason is the author of The Profitable Business Author and host of The Successful Author Podcast. She has been ghostwriting non-fiction books for entrepreneurs for nearly ten years, and has been a marketing and sales copywriter for more than fifteen years.

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