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Only 30% of Your Workers Are Engaged: How to Motivate the Other 70%

Only 30% of Your Workers Are Engaged: How to Motivate the Other 70%

According to Villanova University, only 30% of US workers are engaged and inspired at work. That means that 70% of employees are disengaged and uninspired at work. If you let that happen at your business, you could lose productivity. This can impact the quality of your product and, therefore, your profit. To help you get those 70% motivated, here are some techniques you can use to motivate your disengaged employees.

Change Company Culture

Company culture is about more than just your goals and mission statement. A large part of it is about how your employees interact with one another. Your employees are setting the tone for the culture. This can change as you bring in new personnel and elements into the mix. Changing the culture of your company isn’t something that will happen overnight, however.

It takes a sustained effort on the part of everyone in order to create something positive. You need to have leaders in place that embody the culture that you want to create. Along with that, you can change your hiring practices. Hire those individuals that embody the values of your company and who could positively influence the culture. You should also have activities and meetings that promote the cultural ideals that you’re aiming for.

Encourage Employee Collaboration

Having a company that feels more like an extreme competition that pushes everyone against each other isn’t beneficial to the engagement of your employees. They need to act and feel like a team in order to make your company successful. Many employees may even check out if they don’t feel as though they have enough support. This means that management needs to be engaged with employees. Managers and higher ups should make sure to get to know all their employees on a personal level. By investing in those relationships and making individuals feel valued, employees will work harder and be more dedicated to your company.

Promote Employee Development

Allowing your employees to be successful means more than just providing them with basic training opportunities. You need to continue to engage them in the learning process. This may mean that you offer an educational reimbursement program. Encouraging your employees to continue their education may motivate them to stay at your company longer and rise in the ranks, benefiting your business as a whole. This also gives them an opportunity to challenge themselves. Offer incentives and recognition for employees that are willing to continue their development.

Ask for Feedback

Encourage your employees to give you meaningful feedback. Then, take what they have to say to heart. This doesn’t mean that you need to completely revamp your business because some employees are unhappy. You just need to be seen as taking their concerns seriously. This allows your employees to feel more a part of the decision making process. You may even learn about things that you were unaware of that were occurring. This gives you an opportunity to correct any behaviors that aren’t in line with the culture that you want to develop.

Engaging your employees means that you need to motivate them in a positive way. You can do this better by being aware of the individual needs and interests of your employees.

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by Hannah Whittenly // Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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