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4 Benefits for Business Video Marketing

4 Benefits for Business Video Marketing

In 2019 video marketing has become an essential component for business plans for companies both small and large.

The recent boom to the video industry makes a great deal of sense when we consider the way that people prefer to consume information today. While some people still prefer to read copy, the overwhelming majority of consumers prefer to watch a video.

Let’s face it; probably even you prefer to gather your information from videos.

Video appeals to more senses together. We are able to view, listen and read – as we absorb video and therefore the key messages are reinforced in every moment that a video is played. The best video production companies take advantage of each of these core principals to ensure that there is a maximum transference of the clients’ message.

So, let’s look specifically at the 4 main benefits.

Social Media Prominence

Video marketing is the most effective form of marketing on social media. The main social platforms changed their algorithms in late 2017 to favor videos posted by users, with the effects taking place in 2018. This means that favored video content is displayed more prominently toward the top of social feeds as soon as it is shared. Video instantly gains greater attention on the feeds than text and image only posts of users. This attention, naturally, generates more views, likes, and shares. Used strategically, this is an enormous benefit for video marketers.

More Than Words

Humans are constantly evolving in the way that we communicate. We are now in a period of human evolution that is widely recognized as “The Information Age.” The golden-child in communication methods of this age is video. More than words, more than images, video incorporates multiple messages simultaneously and smart marketers use this depth of communication to enhance the reach of their message to their audiences.

1.8 Million Words a Minute

Videos are made up of a series of images at a rate of up to 30 images per second. One could extrapolate that if an image paints a thousand words, then a video paints 30,000 words a second, or 1.8 million words a minute. Professional production companies such as 1 Minute Media have recognized this advantage and have geared their services to ensure that each minute of video is power packed for optimum effect.

The Internet is Converting to Video

In 2018, we saw video content reach approximately an 80% share of all online content. This extraordinary statistic is a testament to the fact that people prefer video. With efficiency thousands of times greater than a single image, it’s no wonder video marketing has become an essential ingredient in all reasonable marketing plans.

How to Start Video Marketing for Your Small to Medium Business

If you haven’t yet begun to use video for your marketing and communication plans, don’t despair. While statistics favor video marketing already, many companies are still only starting to gear their communication to video. While the larger brands worldwide have been harnessing the power of video for many years, this dominance is making way for medium and small brands.

The most obvious place to start video marketing is a brand or explainer video. The reason to start here is that every visitor to your website would now expect to learn at least the basics about your product, or service, via a video when they arrive at your website or LinkedIn profile.

Brand and explainer videos should be a 1 to 2 minutes and should be succinct and to the point.

Don’t try to tell the viewer the whole history of your company, and withhold telling them about every single service and product that you offer. The key is to assess your video from the point of view of a typical visitor to your website.

Typically, viewers visiting your website don’t stay longer than a minute if they can’t glean very quickly what you offer. Therefore, think of your brand or explainer video as your elevator pitch. Yes, that term from advertising can still guide your company in communicating your message quickly. For example, if you are the owner of a firm of accountants, and you hop in an elevator with a familiar face who, after a short conversation, asks, “What do you do?” Consider your answer, but consider the most efficient response that could be wrapped up in a minute or so, before the owner of the friendly face moves away down the office corridor.

How did you respond? Congratulations, because your answer is actually already the foundation of a great video! It’s that easy.

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by Kathy Moran // Kathy is the Co-founder and Managing Director of 1 Minute Media, a successful video production company based in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. When Kathy isn't designing new video marketing campaigns for her clients, she is likely to be kayaking on Sydney Harbour with her partner and son and their furry friends.

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